Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can save a badly infected or badly inflamed tooth by removing the nerve tissues in the tooth. This treatment will avoid the need for tooth extraction.

An infected tooth nerve can cause several early warning signs and symptoms and which include:

  • Pain or tenderness when biting or chewing on an infected tooth
  • Sensitivity in the tooth
  • Untreated tooth decay or a loose and failing filling
  • Advanced gum disease
  • A knock to a tooth that may have inflamed the tooth nerve

During root canal treatment our dentist will numb the tooth so you shouldn’t find the experience any more uncomfortable than an ordinary filling. Afterwards the tooth will feel much more comfortable.

At Northern Beaches Dental, we use a high-magnification surgical microscope for difficult cases so we can clearly visualise all the infected tissue, ensuring it is thoroughly removed. We are extremely proud to have been the first private practice in the region, along with our sister practice Walkerston Dental to utilise a surgical microscope. Dr PK has been performing this treatment since 2007 and its use is invaluable during more complex root canal procedures.