Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is used to treat teeth where the decay has extended to the core of the tooth affecting the nerve (pulp tissue). Sometimes the nerve can die due to a previous trauma the tooth has endured or where the tooth has an existing deep filling close to the nerve. It can also be affected by cracks forming on teeth. Root canal treatment is usually the last resort to save a tooth.

As dentists, we believe that it is of utmost importance to retain your natural teeth. You wouldn’t know the consequences of losing teeth until a few months or years later when the neighbouring teeth can drift into the empty space. This can cause further problems, some of which could be irreversible or very hard to treat because losing teeth usually changes the way your teeth come together when you bite causing a lot of pressure on the other teeth and the jaw.

Contrary to popular belief root canal therapy should not be very painful. During a root canal treatment, you shouldn’t experience any more discomfort than when receiving a dental filling. The procedure will be explained to you very clearly. It usually takes a couple of appointments but in some cases can be finished in a single appointment.

If the tooth is structurally weak or is cracked, we might recommend a crown to protect the tooth and restore its strength and appearance.