Dentures / Missing Teeth

If you have lost a single tooth or a few teeth or all your teeth, it is important to replace the missing tooth/teeth for several reasons. Teeth can drift and tilt into the space which leads to detrimental changes in the way your teeth meet together when you bite down. This can cause your existing teeth and gums to break down and also cause pain in the jaw joint. Although this happens over a period of time, it is something which is hard to reverse and can lead to more loss of teeth.

Removable full dentures and partial dentures, apart from improving your smile cosmetically, can restore function and also help to prevent future problems. The fixed options for replacing missing teeth include bridges and implants. If you would like to discuss what options suit you the best, please contact us.

We also have a visiting denture technician, Scott Thomas from Confa-dental. If you have full or partial dentures which are not fitting well or if you require a new set of dentures, we can organise an appointment for you.