Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes teeth become so fragile through damage or decay, that the best way to protect them is to cover them partially or fully with a crown or as you might often refer to as a cap. By protecting a tooth with a crown, we can restore its strength and appearance in a way that will look beautiful and very natural. Crowns are also recommended if you have a large filling in a tooth which has the potential to weaken the tooth causing cracks to form in them. They also are used to improve your smile and can make a big difference if you have broken down or damaged or discoloured front teeth. Although there are a few different materials used to make a crown, porcelain is very popular and widely used.

At Northern Beaches Dental, our crowns are made by reputable high-tech Australian dental laboratories using the most advanced porcelain systems, recreating the appearance of your own teeth. Our dentists collaborate closely work with our technicians, to fabricate crowns that will blend in beautifully with your existing teeth. Once treatment is completed you will be able to smile and eat with confidence. Crowns can increase the longevity of a tooth significantly and is a great long-term solution for broken down teeth.

A bridge is one of the treatment options to replace a missing tooth or a few teeth. It uses your natural teeth as support and is bonded to them so you don’t have to take it out to clean it. It usually includes crowns and fills in the space of the missing tooth preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting.