Worried you have a dental infection? Five ways to accurately spot one by Northern Beaches Dental

It happens to the best of us; we wake up at one in the morning with a sore throat, a cough, and a raging temperature and we know we have some kind of upper respiratory infection. Time to crawl back into bed with a warm lemon drink.


While many people are able to identify a respiratory infection by symptoms or can examine a wound to see if it is infected, few people are able to tell with accuracy if they have a dental infection. Similar to upper respiratory infections, dental infections are very common, however, they require urgent care from an emergency dental team; they won’t get better with some warm lemon and paracetamol!

At Northern Beaches Dental, our team is proud of our emergency dentist in Mackay. With same-day appointments set aside to treat dental emergencies, we will ensure that any patient who comes in with a dental complaint is treated sympathetically and is sent home feeling better.

But, do you know all the signs of a dental infection? Do you know when it is time to see our emergency dentist in Mackay?


If you have ever had the misfortune to suffer from a dental infection before, you will know that the word discomfort is far from an adequate description.

However, if you do notice a throbbing or burning sensation under one of your teeth, it is time to book an appointment to see our emergency dentist in Mackay. Such sensations indicate that the nerve or pulp of the tooth is inflamed, indicative of an infection.


We’ve all seen what facial swelling looks like and even if you are in no discomfort, as soon as you notice swelling in either of your jaws, under your chin or on your face, come and see us as soon as you can.


If you are familiar with dental sensitivity in relation to hot or cold beverages, you will know how this feels.

But, if you notice a sudden onset of sensitivity under one of your teeth, accompanied by a throbbing pain afterward, it is likely that a dental infection is forming. Dental infections caused by damage to the tooth, such as decay, often result in sensitivity, as the tooth has deteriorated and the nerve is now exposed to the air, hence the discomfort. If you have sharp pain every time you sip your tea, followed by an ache under your tooth, call our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay immediately.


Toothache accompanied by a fever is a sure indicator of an oral infection.

If you are unlucky enough to experience these symptoms, please call our team for a same-day appointment. Once an infection has reached this stage, you will need urgent medical treatment to control the infection.


Same as the fever, nausea, vomiting, loose movements accompanied by a toothache are all signs of a more serious abscess, which will require urgent care from our team. Even at this advanced stage, our team will have you out, back at home, feeling better in no time!

Disclaimer All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.