Worried about an upcoming root canal? 5 advantages of endodontics by Northern Beaches Dental

One of the most dreaded of all dental procedures is the root canal

Associated with immense discomfort and long recovery times, this fairly straightforward and common dental procedure has earned an unfair reputation among dental patients. Root canals have the same recovery time as any other dental procedure and certainly don’t cause immense discomfort!


Often chosen as a last resort to save an infected tooth, root canals entail a ‘deep clean’ of the tooth, which involves a small hole being drilled above the gum line and removal of any infected debris from the inside. All done under a local anaesthetic, this procedure is a bit longer than an average filling, but can resolve just as many, if not more, issues.

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, our team performs root canals and other endodontic procedures every day. Our dentist in Mackay will ensure that you are aware of what will occur during the procedure and, when you get into the dental chair, they will aim to make you as comfortable as possible.

But what are the benefits of our dentist in Mackay performing a root canal rather than an extraction? Read on to find out!

Relieves discomfort

The myths about root canals causing discomfort are rather odd as, typically, root canal therapy relieves discomfort!

When you visit our dentist in Mackay for your appointment, it may be because you have recently had a dental infection. Not only painful, dental infections can spread to other teeth and cause more serious issues, like sepsis if left untreated.

As a root canal is performed under a local anaesthetic and involves a thorough cleaning of the tooth, it will cause a reduction in discomfort, not a heightening!

Prevents extraction

In years gone by, the only way to treat a dental abscess was to remove the affected tooth.

A root canal prevents this, which is great if the tooth is located near the front of your mouth! Our team will also rebuild the tooth once the root canal is completed, usually with a crown, so that the tooth is strong enough to return to previous levels of functionality.

Improves the appearance of affected teeth

A cracked or decayed tooth can often appear darker, making it visually unappealing.

When our team performs a root canal, they will use a tooth coloured composite to restore any areas lost to decay, and create a porcelain crown to top the tooth. Much more attractive than a rotten tooth!

Prevents recurrence

It is an unfortunate fact that, if left untreated, dental infections often come back, with more force and discomfort each time.

The deep cleaning associated with a root canal, coupled with any fillings and crowns, seals the tooth against future decay and prevents any debris getting into the now treated tooth.

High success rate

Root canals have a high success rate in relation to both infection recurrence and tooth restoration.

They do not cause weakening of the tooth and allow your mouth to function as it did, prior to the infection.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.