What to expect at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay

When the day has come to visit the dentist in Mackay, we at Northern Beaches Dental are here to serve all your toothy needs, from your regular dental check-ups to your necessary treatments.

Our family-owned practice offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We like to get to know our patients, so we can talk with you, hear your specific needs, and make an informed decision about your dental treatment.

Dental in MackayWe offer a range of preventive, cosmetic and restorative dentistry to find the best solution for you. Thanks to advances in technology, today there is a huge range of treatments available under these categories. In fact, it can almost be overwhelming. When you make your way down to the dentist in Mackay, your dentist can talk through the procedures with you and help make your options clear. We provide all the information you need from costs to details of treatment, so you have a clear understanding and control of your dental hygiene.

Feel at ease at the dentist

Some people delay going to the dentist in Mackay, as they may suffer from dental phobia. It’s really important you tell us if you do, and we will do our best to help you. If you miss your dental check-ups you increase your risk of gum disease and early tooth loss, as well as discoloured or damaged teeth. We are completely non-judgemental, and a trip to the dentist can really affect the health of your teeth and help you feel more confident in your appearance.

We do what we can to make you feel comfortable at our practice. After we have told you all you need to know about your treatment, you can relax and take your mind off it by sitting back and watching a DVD on our overhead TVs while we work on you.

We also strive to use the latest technologies, such as a microscope-assisted dentistry, intraoral cameras so you can see what we do, a digital scanner, and caries detector. This enables us to provide accurate examinations and offer maximum comfort during treatment.

Most importantly, we are here to take care of you, and do our best restore the function of your teeth and the aesthetics of your smile.