Want to know if dental implants are for you? Our 5 top FAQs with Northern Beaches Dental

Unless you have been living on a different planet, it is likely that you have heard about oral implants.


A perfect and permanent solution to resolving both functionality and cosmetic issues related to missing teeth, oral implants are increasing in popularity. Cost effective and long lasting, they offer those fitted with them a convenient and immovable alternative to braces, without causing excessive rubbing or eroding of the gum line. Made to match any remaining natural teeth in your mouth, dental implants look entirely normal and allow you the freedom to eat whichever foods you want to.

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, our cosmetic dentist in Mackay is able to offer all of our suitable patients dental implants. Usually requiring around 4 appointments to complete over the course of a year, this procedure is a great investment in your smile and will help boost your confidence.

But, of course, before you book yourself in for dental implants, you will understandably have some questions. Our dentist in Mackay has compiled the following FAQs to answer some of the most commonly searched queries about dental implants.

‘Does having implants fitted hurt?’

The top question on everyone’s lips in relation to dental implants; do they hurt?

While our dentist in Mackay cannot answer a simple yes or no to this question, it is likely that after you have had the implant fitted, your gums and jaw are likely to be sore for a few days.

The discomfort has been compared by many who have had implants fitted to dental extraction, so any discomfort should be manageable.

‘Am I suitable for dental implants?’

Our dental team at Northern Beaches Dental will assess you for suitability before starting any implant procedures.

As long as you have good overall oral health, do not have any issues like tooth decay or gum disease, then it is likely that you will be suitable. Our team will also require X-rays to be performed on your jaw to ensure that your jawbone is in good condition and that there is enough bone to proceed.

‘Are there any other restorative procedures that do the same thing?’

Restorative procedures that offer the same outcome as implants typically involve oral devices like dentures or bridges.

While these may offer the same cosmetic outcome, they do not offer the same level of security in relation to movement.

‘How long do dental implants last?’

Assuming you look after your oral health post-fitting with regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups, your dental implants can last up to 40 years!

Lifestyle factors like smoking and consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol can cause implants to fail sooner. Gum diseases like gingivitis will also have a negative impact on the longevity of your implant too.

‘Are implants expensive?’

While implants are generally expensive, Northern Beaches Dental can offer you financing options, subject to checks.

This will allow you to break down the overall cost into manageable, monthly chunks, allowing you to relax and show off your brand new set of teeth.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.