Want to have some missing teeth replaced? Let our dentist restore your smile with dental implants

Nobody likes having missing teeth; they can reduce the functionality of your bite and can cause embarrassment when you smile.  Missing teeth can stop you from eating the food you want to eat. Traditionally, restorative dentistry involved good old-fashioned dentures to help improve the bite, while also filling the gaps. But many people found they were not particularly well suited to dentures and sought something a bit more permanent.

Dentist in Mackay

Today, our dentist in Mackay can offer all suitable patients the more permanent and stable option of dental implants, which combines all of the cosmetic benefits of filling those gaps in your smile while having a stronger, immovable bite.

When you come to Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we can help you gain the smile you have always wanted with the fitting of customised dental implants, while ensuring your bite is as strong as ever!

But what are the other benefits of letting our dentist in Mackay fit dental implants?

Long lasting

While some dental practices will claim that their own brand of implants last forever, our dentist in Mackay believes in being honest with our patients.

It is true that if they are well looked after by yourself and your dental practitioners, then your implants may last upwards of 20 years, which is a very long time. However, they may not last forever, and at some point you may need to have them replaced or restored.

Jaw regeneration

When we lose a tooth or teeth, the jawbone underneath recedes back, as it has nothing to support anymore and thus loses its function.

This can be problematic if you have any natural surrounding teeth; the receded jaw can make your surrounding teeth unstable, causing them to wobble, move or even fall out. As implants are fitted into your jaw, they stimulate bone growth and offer more stability in your mouth.


Your implants will be colour matched, shape matched, and length matched to any surrounding natural teeth you have, giving you a very natural looking smile.

Also, as they are immovable, you don’t have to worry about them falling out or coming loose, and you can even eat any food you desire without worry.

Lifestyle friendly

As mentioned previously, dental implants enable you to eat foods you may have once avoided, but they are also remarkably durable.

Your implants are extremely strong and can handle almost any hard impacts you throw at them! (For legal reasons, we do not recommend throwing hard things at your dental implants!)

Easy maintenance

Dental implants do require care, but as long as you visit your dental team biannually, and don’t mind trips to the hygienist, maintaining your new implants is as easy as looking after natural teeth.

Just brush, floss and rinse and you are good to go!

Disclaimer– All procedures carry risks. You will require a meeting with one of our dentists to discuss which treatment is right for you.