Something for all the family

When looking for dental treatment in Mackay, there are so many factors to consider:

  • Is the surgery easy to get to?
  • Is there parking or public transport nearby?
  • Do they offer out of hours appointments?
  • Are all the services I need from dental treatment in Mackay available in one place, or will I need to join two or more practices to get all my needs met?
  • Do they offer emergency dental treatment in Mackay?
  • What kind of an environment is the practice? Is it modern, comfortable, practical, cosy, plain?
  • What skills and qualifications do the dentists have?
  • Do they use the latest technology to benefit patients and make treatment easier?
  • Do they work with nervous patients?
  • Do they offer finance and payment plans?

Dental Treatments in MackaySo, as you can see, while choosing a new dentist may seem like a simple case of popping into your local surgery, there is actually a lot to think about. Best to do some research up front and make sure the practice has everything you need, rather than be disappointed further down the line, or even be faced with changing dentist again in a few months.

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we offer a wide range of treatments to suit the whole family. We provide children’s dentistry services for your young ones, regular check-ups, emergency appointments and cosmetic dentistry for adults, restorations for older patients and preventive advice for all ages.

Believe it or not, we would prefer to see less of you. Our ideal is that our patients come in every six months for a check-up and scale and polish, and that we spot and treat any issues early, to prevent them from becoming a bigger problem further down the line. We would be more than happy for you to not have to go through expensive and lengthy treatments to restore and repair lost teeth.

This is why we offer fissure sealants and mineralising treatments for kids, both of which help to prevent decay in the young, while they are still learning how to properly clean their teeth. And we provide nutritional and oral hygiene advice to all ages, to help you keep your teeth in tip top condition at home.