Replace your missing teeth with dental implants at our dentist in Mackay

Losing teeth can be terrifying and affect many aspects of life. If you need to replace your missing teeth or stabilise your faulty dentures, then you should consider dental implants.

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Implants typically have a very high success rate and have greater benefits of restoring lost teeth than other traditional options.

We’d love to help improve your quality of life with implants, and we only use the highest medical grade titanium implants on the market.

 How are implants administered?

Our implant dentists at Northern Beaches Dental prepare you for surgery by administering anaesthetic to block any pain in the affected area.

Once the medication has taken effect, we drill a small hole beneath your tissue and securely embed the small titanium implant into your jawbone.

The implant site then takes (typically) a couple of months to heal, during which time a biological process called osseointegration starts to take place. Osseointegration refers to the successful integration of bone and implant; the result of the body identifying the compounds contained in the implant as another type of tissue, and not a foreign object in need of rejecting. 

Once fully recovered, our dentist in Mackay seals the top part of the implant with an abutment that is used to connect it to an artificial crown or set of dentures.

The artificial crown is a custom-designed crown that closely resembles your old tooth in colour, size and height. It is held in place by the new root of the tooth: your implant.

Are implants expensive?

Implants will cost you more than dentures or bridges, but the quality of the product combined with their advantages help to outweigh the initial expense.

Your implants are designed to last you a long time (typically a lifetime), meaning you will not have to replace them every five or so years, like you would with alternative restorations.

Implants help you to enjoy eating what you like without worrying about how certain foods affect your mouth.  Having implants also means that other simple tasks that may have been challenging using your previous devices can now be performed with ease.

Implants can also prevent the embarrassment of an unstable denture slipping out of place as implants can be used to secure dentures in place meaning they will no longer slip.

Other benefits of implants include the feel of your tooth; an implant crown feels like any other ordinary tooth in your mouth and not an external device. Aslo, the prosthesis looks like a real, natural tooth. The same cannot be said for other devices that sometimes look unnatural.

Can anyone get dental implants at the dentist in Mackay

Certain health complications might prevent osseointegration from taking place, resulting in unsuccessful implantation.  We will do a check to make sure you are suitable for implants.

One requirement is that you must have enough bone in your jaw. If you lack bone, do not worry as bone grafts can be undertaken if necessary.  Bone grafts are a separate process used to transfer bone from another part of the body to restore your jaw. This procedure allows patients who would not otherwise be candidates for implants to have implants eventually placed.

To be viable for implants, you must also have clean and healthy gums. Issues such as gingivitis will need to be treated before you are deemed suitable for the implant procedure.

As you can see, there are many potential benefits to dental implants. Chat to our dentist in Mackay about the life-changing procedure. All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.