Prevention is always better than cure General dentistry that our dental surgery can provide

While it may not be as glamorous as having a dental makeover, or receiving a new set of gleaming teeth, a trip to our general dentist in Mackay is the backbone of the entire dental system; without good basic dentistry, we cannot perform our striking cosmetic procedures.

Dentist in Mackay

Our dentist in Mackay provides all of the general dentistry you could ever need, and at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we take as much pride in our frontline dental work as we do in all the other types of dentistry we provide.

While most people are aware that general dentistry involves a regular biannual check-up, what other procedures does our dentist in Mackay perform in the day to day running of our surgery?

Scale and polish

Typically performed by a member of our dental hygienist team, a scale and polish is considered a preventative procedure, as well as a cleaning one.

This treatment usually revolves around the removal of hardened plaque, above and below the gumline, and also allows the hygienist to remove any stubborn staining present on the surface of the teeth.


At Northern Beaches Dental, we perform fillings daily; they are indeed a very common type of general dentistry.

Though most people know what fillings are, we are able to offer our patients a ceramic or composite filling, that is visually the same colour as your teeth and so makes them hard to spot. This will give your restored tooth a more natural look, while our dental team also remove all decay.

Root canal treatment

A somewhat unpopular (but necessary) procedure that we perform is that of a root canal.

When you have extensive decay, the decay may spread to the pulp or root of the tooth, causing a very unpleasant infection. When this occurs, we are able to remove the pulp, treat the infection and fill the tooth to prevent reoccurrence.

In simple terms, we restore your infected tooth without needing to remove it; very useful for keeping your smile intact.

Tooth removal

While no one wants to have a tooth removed, it can be necessary at times to prevent infection, discomfort and even to allow fitting of orthodontic braces.

Having teeth removed is usually performed with the injection of a numbing agent, and if your removed tooth is in a noticeable area of your mouth, we will be able to provide a temporary prosthesis, while you decide the next step towards filling the gap.

Remember, all of our more extravagant types of dentistry, such as cosmetic procedures, can only be performed in a mouth that ticks all the boxes for having good health. Regular check-ups, fillings or root canals keep your mouth in the best shape to minimise pain, promote functionality and to look great.

If you need a basic dental check-up, call our team at Northern Beaches today!

Disclaimer– All procedures carry risks. You will require a meeting with one of our dentists to discuss which treatment is right for you.