Emergency! Emergency!

You never know when you are going to need an emergency dentist, so it’s a good idea to be prepared, especially, if like most Australians, you like to get out and enjoy our wonderful country.

If you’re a surfer or a cyclist, a skateboarder or a rollerblader, or if you enjoy contact sports, there is always the chance that you will have an accident and suddenly need the services of the emergency dentist in Mackay.

Dentist in Mackay

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we operate as an emergency dentist. This means that you can call us up when you are in trouble, if you have had an accident or have been developing a severe toothache over the last few days.

The first step to using the emergency dentist in Mackay is to be able to get hold of us wherever you are, so put our number in your phone. You can store it under ‘emergency dentist in Mackay’. This way, if you have had an accident and someone else is using your phone for you, you don’t need to remember the name of the practice.

Knocked out teeth

There is a good chance we can re-implant knocked out teeth if you can bring them to us within a couple of hours of your accident. Pick the tooth up by the crown, not the root, and either store it in your mouth or in a pot of milk. Never store it in tap water or let it dry out, as this will kill it.

What to expect

Whether you have lost a tooth or have a terrible toothache, when you come to the emergency dentist in Mackay, our first step will be to numb the pain. Then we will sterilise and clean the area before going on to thoroughly examine it.

We will try to put any knocked out teeth back in place, and if this can’t be done, we will discuss replacement options with you.

We will treat any toothaches, such as draining abscesses. We may need to carry out root canal treatment, or even extractions.

Don’t delay, store our number today.

Prevention is key to great oral health

You want to hang on to your teeth for as long as possible, don’t you? We all do. And certainly, the dentist in Mackay would like you to have a full mouth of your own teeth right through your life.

Dentist in Mackay

That’s why, here at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we place a great deal of importance on what is known as preventive dentistry. Prevention is better than cure, after all. It is also often a whole lot more cost-effective too.

What are we trying to prevent?

The 2 leading causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. Both are caused by a particular bacterium that lives in the mouth. It clings to the surfaces of the mouth, including the teeth, and builds up in sticky layers that harden into something that looks like chalk. We call it plaque.

Plaque gives off acids that eat away the tooth enamel, creating holes for decay to get in through. It also attacks the gum, irritating and inflaming them until they pull away from the teeth. Then the plaque gets underneath and the acids eat away at the jawbone and tooth root, causing infection and loose teeth.

The end game for decay and gum disease is tooth loss. It’s what the dentist in Mackay is trying to prevent.

Check-ups and scales and polishes

These are the cornerstones of all preventive work at the dentist in Mackay. We use your 6-montly check-up to look for decay and gum disease in their early stages. The scale and polish with the hygienist is there to remove any build-up of plaque and tartar, which is inevitable.

Prevention in children

The dentist in Mackay can help prevent decay in children’s teeth by painting the back teeth with sealants that form a barrier that stops plaque making holes in their still-soft tooth enamel. Children are more likely to suffer from decay as they are still learning how to brush their teeth.

Your part in prevention

Your part in this is to brush and floss diligently and also to make sure you come along for your check-ups. Do that, and as a team, we stand a great chance of making sure you keep your teeth for life.

Replacing lost teeth with the dentist in Mackay

If you have lost or are about to lose some teeth, you need to think about replacing them as soon as possible. Teeth need their team mates on the opposite jaw to chew against. And when you have gaps in your mouth for prolonged periods of time, it can destabilise the surrounding teeth. They can start to tip over into the gap and may even fall out.

Dentist in Mackay

The most effective way to replace lost teeth is with dental implants, which are available at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay.

You can come along for a consultation with the dentist in Mackay to find out if dental implants are the right replacement option for you.

What can dental implants do?

Dental implants replace the whole tooth including the root. This is done by anchoring the implant, a titanium post or screw, into the jawbone. Over the next few months the titanium bonds with the jawbone, which grows new bone tissue all over the implant.

Once this process has been completed, the jaw holds the implant as securely in place as it would a tooth. You can bite and chew on your new implant with as much force as with natural teeth, and it won’t wobble around.

Keeping your jawbone healthy

As well as giving you great chewing power, dental implants help keep your jawbone strong and healthy. Without tooth roots in it, the jawbone starts to dissolve itself and shrinks away over time. Implants stop this happening.

What can dental implants replace?

Your dentist in Mackay can use dental implants to replace a single lost tooth, or a few, or even an entire set. One dental implant can support up to 3 crowns on a bridge, so you don’t need to have an implant for every tooth you have lost. In fact, there is a technique called All-on-4 that allows the dentist in Mackay to replace a whole arch of teeth on just 4 implants.

Come and have a chat

If you’d like to know more about dental implants, the dentist in Mackay would be happy to talk through the benefits of them. Why not call now to find out more?

Get one up on gum disease by visiting the dentist in Mackay

Gum disease is an inflammation of the gums that can progress to affect the bone that surrounds and supports the teeth. Early stage gum disease is usually painless,therefore, it is difficult to spot. An experienced dentist can diagnose gum disease even in its early stages and help patients regain their oral health.

Dentist in Mackay

Gum disease is the body’s response to harmful bacteria that cling to the teeth and gums in the form of plaque.Although bacteria are the main cause of gum disease, there are other factors that can trigger gum disease, such as poor oral hygiene, smoking and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Even diligent brushers and flossers should visit Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay and have their teeth professionally examined and cleaned by our dentist in Mackay.

Early signs of gum disease and how to revert it

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis, which is entirely reversible,include swollen or puffy gums, dark red gums, bleeding gums (especially while brushing or flossing), bad breath and sensitivity. Good oral hygiene practices are important for reversing gum disease at this stage, however, patients are also encouraged to visit the dentist for a professional cleaning.

The dentist in Mackay may recommend a special mouthwash that can help limit the number of bacteria in the mouth after each meal. The dentist will also advise patients on lifestyle changes including diet choices and smoking.Following their dentist’s advice, patients with gingivitis can overcome these symptoms easily and stay on top of their oral and overall health.

Advanced gum disease

Advanced gum disease, also known as periodontitis or periodontal disease, is more severe than gingivitis and can actually damage the soft tissues and bone that support the teeth. This disease forces the gums to pull away from the teeth, forming spaces that eventually become infected. The body fights back against the infection, however, if periodontitis is left untreated then it may even lead to tooth loss. For all these reasons brushing the teeth at least twice a day and visiting your dentist in Mackay are important.

The importance of dental care for the elderly

As we age, we tend to experience more health problems. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t prevent them, if we address them well in advance.Studies have shown that elderly patients tend to put less effort into their oral hygiene routine; whether a result of limited capability or for other reasons. It’s important that senior people have someone to remind them how important oral health is, especially later in life.

Dentist in Mackay

At Northern Beaches Dental,we welcome patients of all ages and we are happy to accommodate elderly patients. While prevention is always the best strategy, senior people are likely to develop conditions that were not present when they were younger. However, with the help of a dentist in Mackay, they can reclaim their smile and quality of life.

Oral challenges for elderly patients

Common dental problems associated with old age include dry mouth, discoloured teeth and gum disease. However, older patients are also susceptible to diabetes and heart disease if they are not taking good care of their teeth.

Dry mouth occurs as the result of certain medications as well as treatments that use radiation to the head (i.e. cancer treatments). Saliva keeps the mouth moisturised at all time, protecting from tooth decay and preventing infection. Dry mouth can cause more problems in the long run.

On the other hand, discoloured teeth are another challenge elderly people have to face. As we age, the inner structure of the tooth behind the enamel darkens.This can be the result of lifestyle choices such as drinking or smoking or other factors. The dentist in Mackay will examine your teeth carefully and help you decide which treatment will offer the best results.

Gum disease is also another problem commonly affecting elderly people. It can be caused by poor oral hygiene and can instigate tooth loss. Gum disease is a very serious condition, since it has been linked to many problems in the body,including diabetes and heart disease.

Improving dental care among seniors

Brushing and flossing daily is important for maintaining oral health. But there’s more to maintaining dental care as an old patient. For this reason, don’t fail to visit your dentist in Mackay regularly.

Protect your children’s teeth with preventive dentistry in Mackay

Preventive dentistry for children should be a collaborative effort between the dentist, the patient, and the parents. Most dentists urge their patients to bring their children to the dentist as soon as their first teeth appear. Intensive research has shown that children who visit the dentist early on develop a solid oral hygiene routine and enjoy better oral and overall health.

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we are dedicated to the oral well being of the entire family. We will do our best to ensure that your children’s teeth are protected from tooth decay and gum disease. Our dentist in Mackay will examine your child’s teeth thoroughly and provide a number of comprehensive dental services to help them establish good oral hygiene practices that stay with them for life.

Dentist in Mackay

Oral hygiene for children

Tooth decay and gum disease do not discriminate by age. These dental issues can affect adults, teenagers and even infants or toddlers. For this reason,prevention is better than cure.

Your dentist in Mackay will remove food remains from the children’s teeth preventing the creation of cavities. Excessive build-up of plaque can also cause gum disease, which can ultimately lead to infection, pain and tooth loss.

Your dentist in Mackay will also recommend preventive measures against cavities such as dental sealants. Dental sealants are very thin plastic, protective coatings that are painted onto the surfaces of the teeth, preventing bacteria from entering into the small holes at the surface of the teeth.

Finally, a dental hygienist will show your child the best techniques to brush and floss their teeth for long-lasting oral health.

Nutritional advice

Eating a balanced diet plays an important role in dental health, too. Brushing and flossing help keep children’s teeth clean and gums healthy, but good nutrition is necessary to help boost the immune system. When the immune system is strong, children are less likely to develop oral disease.

Carbohydrates, sugars and starchy foods such as cake, candy and bread can cause the bacteria in the mouth to produce acids, which then attack the teeth.Children should not consume these foods too often and should learn to brush their teeth thoroughly between meals.

The importance of making time for the dentist in Mackay

Modern life can be very busy and sometimes we barely find time for our friends and loved ones – let alone the dentist. If you have been postponing your appointment to the dentist for a long time under the excuse of work, it is time to reassess your oral health priorities.

A toothache or chipped and cracked teeth are obvious signs that you need to visit a dentist in Mackay immediately and at Northern Beaches Dental we are here to accommodate all of your dental needs. However, issues such as gum disease are not always obvious because they not necessarily accompanied by any symptoms during their early stages.

Dentist in Mackay


Commonly known as bad breath, halitosis is an oral condition that affects many people around the world. It is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, though other reasons include tongue bacteria, foods with a strong odour, certain medical conditions such as diabetes or gut disease as well as medications. Halitosis is treatable in most cases. However, only a dentist in Mackay can look into the real root of the problem and help solve it.


Gum disease refers to an infection of the gums, which is not always easy to pinpoint during its early stages. If your gums are red, swollen and sensitive,chances are that you suffer from gingivitis – that is early-stage gum disease.Visiting the dentist in Mackay at this stage will help prevent this problem from becoming more serious.

Failureto see the dentist in more than 6 months

Regular dental check-ups, examinations and cleanings are really important to keep your mouth healthy and disease-free. Having your teeth routinely cleaned by a dentist will help you look and feel better and will also ensure that you always have good breath. While you are also advised to brush and floss your teeth at home diligently, only your dentist can clean between your teeth and below your gum line in order to spot possible problems before they develop into something more serious.If you think that a visit to the dentist in the Mackayis long overdue, give us a call and we will book an appointment for you.

Clean and strong teeth

The condition of your teeth and gums is an important element of your overall bodily health. At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we look after all aspects of your teeth and gums,making sure they’re in good condition for the future. Visiting the dentist in Mackay will provide you with many options for enhancing your oral health. Our professional skills and experience allow us to provide solutions that will keep your teeth strong and your mouth hygienic.

Lifelong care

Dentist in Mackay

We cater for people at any stage of life,with teeth in any condition. There’s always something we can do to improve your oral health, whether you need extensive repairs or a straightforward cosmetic adjustment. We keep our dental knowledge fresh, taking on board the latest industry developments so we can offer you contemporary solutions. Our modern dental practice is clean and relaxing, and our friendly team makes visiting the dentist in Mackay a pleasant experience.

If you visit us regularly for check-ups, we can professionally examine your teeth and gums. If there’s any sign of deterioration, we can nip it in the bud before it becomes a serious problem,like tooth decay or gum disease.

Making good

Many of our patients need a dentist in Mackay to repair damage to their teeth. We can use substances that mimic your natural dental appearance, so the repairs don’t cause any visual irritation. We can replace lost teeth in a number of ways,including with dental implants that integrate with your jawbone.

We can work with you to come up with long-term solutions that enhance your facial aesthetics as well as your dental function. We always help you to make an informed decision about the future of your oral health.


Our patients know that visiting the dentist in Mackay can bean experience of tact and sensitivity. We treat all our patients with welcoming respect. Our financial options will enable you to spread the cost of your dental enhancements. We believe everyone should be able to visit the dentist in Mackay, no matter what their budget is. Your oral health is too important to be neglected because of financial obstacles.

Always improving

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we have many techniques to improve your oral health. In fact, we’re always updating our knowledge and skills so that you can experience great contemporary treatment when you visit the dentist in Mackay. Our friendly team looks forward to welcoming you into our relaxing surroundings. We provide care for all kinds of dental problems, and always aim to steer you towards a future of enhanced oral health.

Oral health improvements

Dentist in Mackay

At the dentist in Mackay,you’ll find plenty of procedures that make your teeth look and feel better. You might be seeking an effective repair job for a damaged tooth, a cosmetic enhancement for some visual issue, or a long-term change involving several treatments. We offer a full range of services, so whatever you need, we can work out a suitable treatment plan. We always present you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental work.

All-round care

We believe that financial issues shouldn’t be a barrier to visiting the dentist in Mackay. That’s why we have several payment options that help you to manage the cost of your treatments. You should be able to access your oral health improvements at the time you need them, without having to wait.

Children need the dentist in Mackay as well as adults. We have lots of experience in providing dental care for whole families. Your little ones will feel welcomed by our friendly team, who aim to produce a sense of comfort before treatment begins.

All kinds of treatment

Everyone’s teeth are different, and people come to the dentist in Mackay for many reasons. Even when you don’t feel there’s a problem, you can come to us for an oral health check to make sure there are no signs of future trouble. At the other end of the scale, when you definitely feel something’s wrong and you have a lot of dental discomfort, we are an emergency dentist in Mackay. We provide short-notice appointments to deal with those unforeseen developments.Our team is always happy to talk to you about any aspect of your oral health.

Clean and healthy teeth

Professional dental care will enhance your oral health and improve the future of your teeth. Here at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we care for your teeth and gums in many different ways. We ensure that people seeking a dentist in Mackay are given the attention they deserve. With our knowledge,skills, and technology, we can detect the tiniest signs of decay and protect your oral health from deterioration. Even if nothing feels wrong right now, we offer meticulous hygiene treatments that’ll boost your mouth’s cleanliness and freshness.

Treatment at the dentist in Mackay

Dentist in Mackay

Brushing your teeth at home is an important routine for your oral health. However, you’re unable to examine your teeth in as much detail as a dental professional. If you visit us for regular check-ups,we can make sure your teeth and gums don’t develop any serious conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. We can also provide personalised advice on better ways to keep your mouth clean.

It’s no problem if you already have something you need us to repair. Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone, and decay is a slow process that you might not notice until it begins to cause discomfort. Many people search for a dentist in Mackay because something’s happened to their teeth that needs urgent attention.


Our concern for your dental wellbeing includes consideration of your budget. We offer payment plans that aim to make your treatment more affordable. You shouldn’t have to wait to save up the full cost of your dental work before you come to the dentist in Mackay. Making oral health improvements more accessible is part of our commitment to helping our patients to choose the treatments that feel right for them.

You’ll find a friendly and welcoming team at our contemporary dental practice. We care for children who need a dentist in Mackay, too, and are experienced in providing a safe and relaxing environment for them.Whether you need a one-off solution to a particular dental issue, or a long-term transformation involving several treatments at the dentist in Mackay, we’ve got what you need.

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