All-round care with your dentist in Mackay

At Northern Beaches Dental we aim to provide an all round service that caters for anyone within the family, offers financial options and, of course access to professional, up to date treatments. People attend our clinic for many reasons and not all of them will be dental emergencies, in fact, we encourage a lifelong commitment to your oral health from you and from us, your dentist in Mackay

Dentist in Mackay

All ages are welcome

Whatever lifestage you or your family are in, we are here to look after your teeth, creating positive relationships that support your oral health. We encourage seeing your children as soon as their first tooth appears. Keeping their appointment light and friendly, with them comfortably seated on your lap, we will take a gently look at their mouth. After this, we will see them regularly to spot any early warning signs of decay and monitor for overbites and crowding, as their teeth come in. If you’re entering your later years, we also take your dental health seriously. Providing a range of treatments to fit the requirements of aging teeth, from cosmetic lifts to more restorative treatments, such as dental implants.

We always start with prevention

No matter your age, preventive dentistry is always best. Regular check-ups ensure any early signs of decay or gum disease are spotted before they create any issues. For children we can offer fluoride or fissure sealant treatment as well, safeguarding their teeth against decay. At your 6-monthly check your dentist in Mackay will examine your mouth thoroughly and scale and polish teeth, removing any tartar build up. Keeping your oral health at its optimum with hygiene appointments, ensures your not having to pay for expensive treatment further down the line.

Financial care

However, no matter how well you have brushed or regularly visited, sometimes you will need more intensive treatments. Should this be the case, we have a range of payment options that allows you to spread the cost of care.

No matter your age or circumstance, your oral care is our concern, whether you are a regular patient or haven’t visited a dentist in a while, we can work together to provide appropriate treatment plans to fit your needs.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Beauty treatments with your dentist in Mackay

When you think of the dentist, beauty treatment is probably not one the associations you are accustomed to. However, treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers are both painless and quick ways of changing your appearance. Straight, white teeth are indicators of youth and vitality, so sporting clean, sparkly teeth instantly impacts the way you look. At Northern Beaches Dental we offer both treatments to our patients. If you’re thinking of improving your smile, it’s best to book a consultation to talk through options that will fit your specific needs. However, for the purposes of interest, here is a basic overview.

Dentist in Mackay

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is an easy, straightforward treatment for whiter, more luminous teeth. At your appointment your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and a bespoke tray is produced using this impression. A whitening agent is then added to the tray and applied to the teeth using this tray. Since it fits so precisely, the whitening agent coats, ensuring a brilliant, white smile. Teeth whitening is a low-risk treatment but it is always good to work with your dentist in Mackay when you’re wanting to whiten teeth, rather than shop bought alternatives that use generic trays, producing uneven results.

Teeth whitening will clean away staining caused by nicotine, red wine, coffee and some medications, leaving your teeth several shades whiter. In some circumstances, such as deep staining or damage to teeth, it will not have an effect. Whether this is one, a few or most of your teeth, veneers could be the answer you’re looking for.


Veneers are made from thin sheaths of porcelain or resin that sit over your natural teeth. Your dentist in Mackay will prepare your teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel so that the veneer will sit in alignment with your surrounding teeth. It is then cemented into place, creating a strong, stain-resistant layer that not only improves the look of your teeth but will also strengthen and protect them.

You can combine both treatments to transform your smile, but you will need a whitening treatment every few months to keep the overall effect.

For more information on either treatment, contact our reception to book a consultation.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Don’t let anxiety stop you from seeing your dentist

Fear of visiting the dentist is well documented, with most people experiencing some anxiety over the prospect of receiving treatment at their dentist in Mackay. This may be based on beliefs that the dentist visit is filled with noisy drills and impatient practitioners who don’t respond well to your fears. You may be surprised to hear that thanks to changes in technique and technology you’re likely to experience a more comfortable, relaxed visit. In addition, at Northern Beaches Dental, we understand fear and anxiety, and we will not only be a sympathetic ear, we can also offer you solutions to alleviate your symptoms, here’s how;

Dentist in Mackay

Dental technology, reducing noise and discomfort

Over the years, advances in techniques and technology have changed the landscape of modern dentistry. Firstly, emphasis on preventive dentistry has ensured, if you visit your dentist regularly, you’re less likely to undergo invasive procedures. However, should you need emergency intervention or if you do need a treatment requiring a drill and other equipment, you’d be surprised to hear how much they’ve changed. Drills are smaller, less noisy; allowing greater accuracy and efficiency in treatment. We also provide pain relief, along with conscious sedation if you need it.

Your dentist in Mackay, providing you with ‘happy’ sedation

Sometimes just having a sympathetic ear, helps to calm nerves. Your dentist in Mackay fully understands anxiety and we’ve found that providing accurate treatment information and talking you through procedures can often allay fears. However, we can offer you conscious sedation if you require it due to your anxiety or, if you are having extensive treatment,.

Conscious sedation allows you to feel relaxed but still able to interact with your dentist, so both you and your dentist can communicate throughout procedures. Conscious sedation is provided through a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, also known as Happy Gas. Its administered through a small nasal mask, whilst you recline in you dental chair. The effect is deep relaxation, keeping you calm throughout your procedure.

In some circumstances you may require general anaesthetic for more extensive treatments or multiple procedures. If this is the case, your treatment will be carried out at Mater Hospital under the same caring eye of your dentist.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Kids are welcome

So your child has just had its first tooth appear, the next milestone on a magical journey of childhood development. At this important step, it’s good to introduce your little one to their dentist. In Mackay, Northern Beaches Dental invites you and your child to set good habits from day one, alleviating any anxiety or fear as their parent and helping your child develop a positive relationship with their dentist. At their first visit, they will be seated on your lap, whilst we conduct a gentle oral examination. From this careful starting point, we then see them at regular intervals along their development, checking in to see how their teeth are growing from baby to adult teeth.

Dentist in Mackay

Although it would seem unlikely that a child would develop decay, unfortunately it is a reality for some children. The Australian Council for Health and Welfare found that as much as 55% of 6-year-olds had decay in their baby teeth, so regular hygiene appointments are important, to clean teeth and check for decay or any other issues. In addition, we can offer other treatments to protect your child’s teeth:

Fluoride treatment

By painting on a thin layer of fluoride gel, your child’s tooth enamel will harden. The gel also helps to prevent any decay, keeping their baby teeth safe whilst they grow. This is a quick treatment that your dentist in Mackay can apply easily, completely pain free.

Fissure sealants

As your child grows and their baby teeth give way to their adult teeth, fissure sealants is a positive step in preventing decay. Adult teeth have many little fissures and gaps; by painting a thin application of resin onto the surface, filling the fissures, your child’s teeth effectively wear a protective raincoat against bad bacteria.

As well as these simple treatments that safeguard their teeth, your dentist in Mackay can teach your child how to brush and floss effectively. Over time we’ll also assess how your child’s teeth are aligning, check for overcrowding or any issues that maybe starting to occur. We will develop treatment plans in consultation with you when needed, ensuring the wellbeing of your child from first tooth, all the way through to their wisdom teeth.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Scaling and Polishing making all the difference for teeth

Most people are aware that visiting a dentist regularly is a positive step in creating long-term oral health, yet according to a recent poll by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, only 44% of the population is regularly attending dental check-ups. At Northern Beaches Dental, as your dentist in Mackay, we’d like to encourage the remaining 56% of our patients to book a hygiene appointment with us and here’s why:

Dentist in Mackay

Tartar build up

Plaque is a natural substance that is produced by bacteria which naturally lives in our mouths. When we eat, the sugars released become the perfect food for bacteria to thrive. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day sweeps most of this plaque harmlessly away. However, it’s easy to miss bits, especially in the tiny spaces between our teeth and close to the gum line. This leftover plaque eventually hardens and becomes tartar. Tartar build-up can cause gum irritation and soreness, so it’s best to have it removed. Only professional polish and scaling can remove this residue, your dentist in Mackay will do this for you at your check-up.

Potential issues in your mouth

If your gums have become sore, they may have become infected. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss and infection, and one type, periodontal disease, is permanent and carries long-term implications for your oral health. At your check-up, your dentist will be able to spot and treat any signs of inflammation or disease. They will also double check for any early signs of decay in your teeth or other possible issues.

Screen for overall oral health

As well as getting ahead of tartar build-up and decay, your dentist in Mackay will also check your neck, mouth, throat and lips. If they spot potential issues, including any abnormalities that could be early warning signs of cancer; they will treat or refer you onto other medical services if required.

Preventive dentistry such as twice-yearly visits to see us could mean the difference between a quick hygiene visit or having to invest in expensive restorative treatments further down the line. Call us and book your hygiene appointment today. All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

Problems with sleep apnoea? Your dentist could help

Do you sleep well? Do you snore, or find yourself restless during the night? It’s possible that you’re suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea. This can be a serious condition, so it’s a good idea to get it checked out. Luckily, if you do have sleep apnoea, your dentist in Mackay can help.

Dentist in Mackay

Here at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we often see patients who suffer with snoring or sleep apnoea, and can provide oral appliances that can help with the problem.

Symptoms of sleep apnoea

If you have any of the following symptoms, it would be a good idea to talk to our dentist in Mackay about sleep apnoea:

  • loud snoring
  • waking up with a headache
  • restless sleep
  • waking up with a gasp or choking sensation
  • insomnia or recurrent waking
  • sleepiness during the day
  • waking with a dry or sore throat.

Dangers of sleep apnoea

Sleep is very important to your health, and if it’s disturbed, it can have an affect on your general and mental health. Sleep apnoea is also serious in that it deprives the brain of oxygen, which can have dangerous side effects, including:

  • high blood pressure
  • headaches
  • depression
  • risk of stroke
  • heart problems
  • diabetes.

So, you see, it is important not to ignore this potentially dangerous condition. If you think you may have sleep apnoea, you should visit your healthcare provider or dentist in Mackay to get it checked out. Diagnosis by a sleep specialist will be necessary, which will probably involve an overnight sleep study.

Treatment for sleep apnoea

Severe sleep apnoea is usually treated with a CPAP machine, but mild sleep disturbance and snoring can be helped with an oral appliance that helps with airflow. Obstructive sleep apnoea is caused by blockage of the airway, often due to soft tissue in the back of the throat, and our dentist in Mackay can provide a device to help keep the airway open.

Bruxism and TMJ

People who have sleep apnoea often have related problems such as teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism), and jaw pain caused by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues. By being fitted with an oral appliance, these problems can be alleviated.

Ways to pay for dental treatment

Dental treatment can be expensive, that’s a fact. When you have treatment from a dentist in Mackay, you are paying for years of training, advanced equipment, and often years of research that have gone into bettering treatments. But don’t let the cost of treatment put you off. Here at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we offer finance solutions to help you spread the cost of treatment.

Dentist in Mackay

Health fund

A health fund could be a good way to help you out with dental treatment. Some packages include everything from twice yearly check-ups to root canals, dentures and braces. We accept all health funds, and preferred providers for Medibank, Queensland Country Health, HCF, and Smile. We even have HICAPS, so you can claim on the spot without having to take receipts.

Dental benefits for children

The government is trying to improve children’s dental health. To do this, they have introduced a programme called the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). If your child has Medicare, is aged between 2 and 17 years old, and you are in receipt of a government payment such as Family Tax Benefit Part A, your child could be eligible for treatment. You are welcome to give us a call and can check your eligibility and explain what treatments are covered.

DentiCare Payment Plan

If treatments aren’t covered by insurance or benefits, don’t worry. We can still help you spread the cost of visiting our dentist in Mackay, with our interest free Payment Plan. You can make payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly without having to pay any interest, allowing you to get the treatments you need without worrying about finding the funds to pay a big bill all at once.

Don’t delay treatment

The best way to save on dental treatment is to look after your teeth well and visit our dentist in Mackay twice a year for check-ups. Proper dental hygiene can go a long way, but sometimes dental problems are unavoidable, no matter how well you brush your teeth. It can be tempting to let regular check-ups slide when you keep getting the all-clear, but one day our dentist in Mackay might find a potential problem. Early treatment can save you both pain and money.

Helping you keep your teeth in shape with preventive dentistry

While almost every dentist in Mackay is now offering all sorts of treatments, including many cosmetic options, the base of good dentistry remains preventive dentistry. If you are looking to have a cosmetic treatment, you will need a good foundation of healthy teeth. Here at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we believe that preventive dentistry is the best way for you to keep in optimum oral health.

Dentist in Mackay

Dietary advice

While brushing, flossing and regular check-ups are important for keeping your teeth healthy, the journey to good teeth really starts with your diet. What you eat can have a big impact on your teeth. We all know that sugar is bad for us, but many people don’t realise just how badly it can affect their teeth. Our dentist in Mackay can give advice on easy changes you can make to your diet to keep your teeth healthy. It needn’t be a big deal – snacking smarter can make all the difference.

Oral hygiene

You might think that brushing twice a day is all that’s required to keep your teeth clean, but regular visits with our hygienist can give your oral health a boost. Regular brushing won’t remove every tiny bit of plaque, and when it comes to tartar, your little brush just isn’t strong enough. We can get your teeth super clean, and give you tips on best brushing and flossing practices.

Bad breath

No-one wants to admit they have bad breath, but it’s something that affects lots of people. Rather than ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away, it’s best to talk to your dentist in Mackay about it. Bad breath can be caused by a number of things, from things you’re eating or drinking, to tooth decay and gum infection. Oral hygiene is really important for eliminating bad breath, including brushing or scraping your tongue to get rid of those nasty bacteria that can create an unpleasant smell.

Regular check-ups

Even if you have the best oral hygiene practice and regular professional cleans, it is important you visit our dentist in Mackay for regular check-ups. We can spot any potential problems at an early stage, and treat them before they become more serious.

Protect your teeth

To give your teeth and gums the full range of protection they require, you need to visit the dentist in Mackay. Here at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we offer a variety of ways to look after your oral health. You don’t have to wait for something to worry you, like increased discomfort or a minor injury, before you book an appointment with us. The friendly team here has plenty of experience in preventing the development of things you don’t want, like tooth decay. Together, we can ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and strong.

Dentist in Mackay

Talk to us

You might already be wondering where to start with your dental improvements. We’re always happy to assess your general condition and come up with some effective treatment options. You do an important job at home when you regularly attend to your oral hygiene. However, it’s very difficult for you to see what we can see with our specially-made equipment and finely-honed knowledge. Visiting the dentist in Mackay means you can get an accurate picture of your dental health in its current state.

Defeating decay at the dentist in Mackay

We use contemporary techniques and a high level of skill to change your oral health for the better. Our treatments take different forms, from one-off visits to long-term transformations. We look after the visual side of things, too. Our cosmetic options will help you to restore the aesthetic appeal of teeth that have taken on a disappointing appearance. Visiting the dentist in Mackay can help you to acquire a dazzling smile.

It’s not always easy to make the decision to have dental work. We strive to make our modern dental practice a welcoming environment for everybody. Plus, you can always pick up the phone and ask us any questions you might have about what our treatments involve.

We also aim to help you stay comfortable financially. Our payment options break up the costs of visiting the Mackay dentist. You may be able to pay for your oral health improvements in manageable instalments, rather than one lump sum. We’re keen to provide your teeth with a bright future.

Improved teeth and gums

You go a long way towards preserving your dental health when you brush your teeth regularly. Going to the dentist in Mackay gives you access to a level of care for your teeth and gums that you can’t provide by yourself. At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we offer a complete range of oral healthcare treatments to people seeking a friendly and experienced dentist in Mackay. Our services are designed to enhance your dental future. We use contemporary technology and innovative, person-centred approaches to make sure your teeth stay healthy and strong.

Dentist in Mackay

What we do

There are some people who only visit the dentist in Mackay when they begin to feel dental discomfort. We can always do something to reduce your discomfort and preserve your dental function. You might need a simple repair to a chipped tooth, or a fully-integrated dental implant to replace a missing tooth. We meticulously customise our treatments to optimise their effectiveness for you.

If you come to the dentist in Mackay while your teeth and gums feel perfectly healthy, we can make sure they stay that way. Our oral hygiene services will leave your mouth feeling sparkling clean. We can have a detailed look at the condition of your gums and teeth and take care of any issues. We might find a small indication of gum disease or tooth decay, for example. By acting at an early stage to correct these conditions, we can save you a great deal of trouble in future.

An overall approach

We want you to enjoy the way your teeth look as well as how they feel and function. Our cosmetic services enable you to alter the appearance of your smile so that it meets a higher aesthetic standard. There many ways to do this, from one-off treatments like teeth whitening, to the more involved process of tooth realignment. At the dentist in Mackay, you can easily enhance your dental appearance.

We provide payment plans that divide the cost of your dental treatment into manageable amounts. This means that you can make vital changes to your oral health at the time they are needed.