Only a phone call away

Help is on hand when you need an emergency dentist in Mackay. A dental emergency is no laughing matter and we here at Northern Beaches Dental are prepared when the call comes through with such an emergency. Our emergency dentist in Mackay understands the importance of a speedy response and if for some reason we cannot fit in an appointment, we will be onto our sister practice, Walkerston Dental, to see if they can accommodate you. We are not going to let a patient suffer any unnecessary discomfort or pain if we can help it.

Emergency Dentist in MackayA quick response is great but it’s not all that’s needed. During a dental emergency there needs to be an element of reassurance and support to the patient. Our whole team, from the receptionist to our emergency dentist in Mackay, understands the depth of how frightening a dental emergency can be. So, when you phone in you will be speaking to someone straight away who understands your situation and how painful and worrying it can be.

What to do in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can come in many guises, the main culprit being an aching tooth. Whether this be due to an abscess or tooth decay, the excruciating pain is just the same. The quicker you call us the quicker an appointment can be arranged, so as soon as you start feeling that niggling pain, pick up the phone. If it is out of hours, then over-the-counter pain killers are recommended.

A dental emergency can also be in the form of an unfortunate front fall or sporting accident. These can both leave the patient with chipped teeth or even worse, minus a few teeth. Both are frightening experiences. In the case of missing teeth, if possible try and find the lost teeth to bring to the appointment and avoid touching the root if you can. This makes it more likely that the tooth will stay alive and be able to be reinserted. If it is possible the emergency dentist in Mackay will do their utmost to reattach the missing teeth.

Whatever the dental emergency may be, our emergency dentist in Mackay, together with the rest of the team, is here to help.

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