Need a way to whiten your teeth quickly? 5 reasons to choose dental veneers with Northern Beaches

Do you want whiter teeth in a short time? Are your teeth a bit sensitive and not suited to the bleaching or whitening that many dental surgeries offer?

This situation can feel like a catch 22 for many dental patients. They have tried almost every whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to no avail, but their teeth will not tolerate the more powerful whitening solutions that are offered by dental professionals.


Luckily, there is a way to whiten your teeth quickly without using at-home or in-surgery whitening kits; the answer for you could be dental veneers!

Our dentist in Mackay may suggest veneers as an option to help you get that whiter smile quicker or even to disguise minor gaps in your teeth. Versatile and hardy, these porcelain coatings are perfect for disguising stains and can even help strengthen your teeth too!

But, aside from all of this, what are the other benefits of having porcelain veneers fitted by our dentist in Mackay? Read on to find out!


So, while you may be worried that having a set of veneers fitted will create a more porous surface in your mouth which will accumulate stains, this is not the case.

Dental veneers are designed to be stain proof, so once they are fitted by our dentist in Mackay, it is practically impossible to cause any stains or discolouring to them.

Another benefit of veneers? If you want to have your natural teeth whitened, your veneers can be whitened too, so you will not be left with colour mismatched teeth in your mouth. Perfect!

Natural appearance

If you want to go for the full out Hollywood white smile with veneers, then that’s great!

But, if you want a more natural appearance to your newly found smile, our team can help with that too. The veneers we use at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay can be colour, shape, and size-matched to your natural teeth, so when they are fitted, you are left with a natural-looking smile.

Corrects sensitivity

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons many people opt for veneers as an alternative to whitening is due to sensitivity.

However, once fitted, veneers can actually correct dental sensitivities! As they cover the microscopic holes in your teeth that are causing those uncomfortable sensations linked to temperature, after they are attached to your teeth, these issues can, and often do disappear completely.

So now you can book that whitening session without worry!

Whitens teeth multiple shades

If you have an approaching wedding to attend, when your teeth are slightly yellowed or discoloured, you may need to book multiple whitening sessions to get that whiter smile you want.

But, with veneers, just tell our team the shade you want and in an instant, you can have a set of teeth that have been whitened by up to 16 shades! Talk about fast results!

Long lifespan!

Another benefit of porcelain veneers is their longevity.

If properly maintained with good oral hygiene, lifestyle choices and dental check-ups, veneers can last over 20 years! That is something we can all smile about!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.