Love sport, love your teeth

Us Aussies love the active life: surfing, BMX riding, rugby and hockey, to name a few of our beloved sporting pursuits. And while this physical life is great for our body’s health, it’s not always such a bonus for our teeth. In any one of those sports, getting a ball, elbow, surf board or floor to the face isn’t uncommon.

Emergency Dental Appointment in MackayWhich is why, of course, we wear mouthguards. But what happens if we forget our guard for a game? Or our daft mate has decided they don’t need one? It’s all too easy to knock out or chip a tooth when you’re living life to the max. Would you know what to do if you needed an emergency dental appointment in Mackay?

Not every dentist will offer emergency dentistry, so the first thing to check before you head off on your sporting adventure is whether your regular dentist does. If not, look up the number of an emergency dentist either in your area, or the area you are travelling to. In the midst of a sporting accident, it’s easy to become disorientated and feel shocked. The last thing you want is to have to root around for a number to get an emergency dental appointment in Mackay.

There’s another reason why it’s important to be prepared for a dental emergency: if a tooth gets knocked out, it is possible to reattach it, but to give it the best chance to do this, you need to get to an emergency dental appointment in Mackay within two hours. The root of the tooth is living tissue, and the longer it is disconnected from the body, the less likely it is to survive.

This is also why it is important not to touch the root of the tooth. Pick it up by the crown only, and if it won’t go back in its socket, put it in a clean container and cover it with milk. The chemicals in tap water will kill off the root, so don’t wash or keep it in water.

Save the number of Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay in your phone today, we are your first port of call for an emergency dental appointment in Mackay.