Keep calm and call the emergency dentist in Mackay

Imagine you’re enjoying a delicious dinner at your favourite Greek restaurant and then suddenly, crack, your tooth has an unfortunate encounter with an olive stone. What do you do? How about when you’re playing a game of soccer, netball or cricket and then suddenly, thwack, a ball or elbow to the face and there goes your tooth. What do you do?

Emergency Dentist in MackayThe answer: keep calm and call Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, your emergency dentist. That can be easier said than done when you’ve got pain shooting up and down your face and blood spilling out of your mouth. But take a moment, breathe, and then give us a call.

What to do when your tooth gets knocked out

First things first, find your tooth if you can. If it’s dirty, you can rinse it in lukewarm water, but make sure not to touch the root. Your tooth root is delicate and if you want to stand a chance of having your tooth secured back into your mouth, your root needs to be kept in good condition. If possible, place your tooth back into the socket from which it fell out. If that’s too painful or difficult, place it in a container with milk or saliva. This will help preserve the tissue until you can get it to us, your emergency dentist in Mackay.

You’ll have an hour or two before the window for re-implanting your tooth closes. If we can’t put your original tooth back in place, there are other options, including bridges and dental implants.

What else counts as a dental emergency?

Bleeding, swelling or severe dental pain are all signs that you should get to the emergency dentist in Mackay. Abscesses and cracked teeth fit the bill as well. If you are ever in any doubt, give us a call and we can advise you on what to do and whether you need to be seen as soon as possible.

A quick reminder

When you’re in a panic because of a dental emergency, you won’t want to be scouring the internet for our number. Put it in your phone now, so you can call your emergency dentist in Mackay without delay.