It’s a dental emergency, who do I call?

You’ve been out mountain biking, hit the curb and gone over the handle bars… in the process on landing on your face, you’ve knocked a tooth out and chipped a couple of the others. You might not feel you need A&E hospital care, but you do need an emergency dentist in Mackay. Accidents such as these happen often, so it’s important to have a service that can respond quickly when you or your family have been injured.

Emergency Dentist in MackayAt Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we take your dental health seriously and if you have knocked out a tooth or chipped any of your teeth, it’s important to seek dental care as quickly as possible. You can see an emergency dentist in Mackay. Depending on the severity of the injury there’s a possibility of saving a tooth and having it put back in, if you see us on the same day. If you experience something similar to the mountain bike accident described above, ring us we will get you in as soon as possible. We will take care of any facial swelling and look after your facial and oral injuries. Any teeth that have been knocked out will be saved if possible or if not, we will discuss alternatives with you.

One of the alternatives is dental implants, which behave just like your natural tooth. We implant a small titanium screw into the jawbone during a very simple operation. This would then hold a crown or a row of dentures or bridges if you’ve lost more than one tooth. This would leave you with a very natural feeling alternative that wouldn’t compromise on look or functionality of your teeth.

An emergency dentist in Mackay will ensure you are fully taken care of from taking x-rays to ensure we can see the full extent of any damage, giving local anaesthetic if required, fully cleaning and sterilising the site of injury to reduce infection, look at restoration of teeth or the extraction of teeth if they are damaged. In short, we will go that extra mile to take care of you when you are injured or in pain. In you need an emergency dentist in Mackay, call us today for our quick response.