Is your smile date-ready?

Dental treatments aren’t just about scaling and polishing, they are a girl’s best friend if you’re looking to lift your style for a date, for a special occasion or wow your team at the great new job you’ve landed. Cosmetic dentistry provides a range of solutions for your dental cosmetic needs.

Dental Treatments in MackayWhiter than white for a bright new smile

Teeth whitening is a quick and painless way to make a difference to the way you look and the impact you make. Subconsciously we are predisposed to feel relaxed and happy around people who smile readily. Smiles come with confidence, so if your teeth gleam, you’re never going to try and hide those pearly whites from anyone. Northern Beaches Dental offers teeth whitening as one of its cosmetic dental treatments. In Mackay you can book an appointment with your dentist to discuss teeth whitening treatments that will give your teeth back their luminosity.

In Mackay, dental treatments can cover up deep stains, chips or croaked teeth

If teeth whitening won’t hit the mark with an ingrained discoloured tooth or if you have chips, cracks or the tooth is crooked, one option is to look at veneers. Veneers are tiny porcelain sheaths that sit over the front of your tooth, bonded in place. They can last a lifetime if cared for and will not compromise how you eat or drink. If you have a few teeth that are misaligned, and veneers won’t do the job, another option is braces.

I’d rather be a bond girl than look like Jaws

Believe it or not we can offer you clear braces without the horror of metal wires and brackets cluttering up your smile. If you’re looking for dental treatment in Mackay that will straighten your teeth, we can offer you an invisible brace solution. Invisalign are clear plastic trays, similar to gum guards that sit neatly over our teeth. Using 3D imagining and printing, Invisalign provides pin point accuracy in creating custom-made, clear plastic mouth aligners to adjust your teeth in just 12-18 months.

If you want to discuss any of our cosmetic solutions to enhance your look and confidence, give us a ring we’d love to help you smile all day long.