Is it time you visited our dentist in Mackay to care for your oral health?

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In today’s hectic and unprecedented world that we are living in, it is easy to put our dental needs to one side as we each focus on keeping healthy and looking after those we care for. However, if you have been neglecting your dental health in recent months, it may be time you sought out our dentist in Mackay to see if we can restore your oral wellbeing. By having your oral health assessed by our dental professionals, patients can ensure that any early indicators of gum disease are noticed early enough so that it can be prevented from spreading and they can be sure they are as dentally fit and healthy as they possibly can be.

Why seek out a dentist in Mackay?

As mentioned, many people are actively seeking out the services of our reliable dentist in Mackay as a way of ensuring their oral health is up to a standard that they do not have to worry about. Gum disease is the leading preventable cause of tooth loss in adults, and can even result in other areas of the body being affected if it is left untreated. One of the most common indicators that gum disease is in development is spitting blood when brushing. Anyone who notices this ought to seek out the aid of our reliable and trusted dental hygienist for a professional cleaning service.

What can a hygienist do?

The duties of a dental hygienist lie in preserving the patient’s oral health and making their mouth as clean and fresh as possible. One of the primary duties of a dental hygienist is to carry out a professional cleaning service of a patient’s teeth. Similar to cosmetic whitening, this cleaning service leaves patients with a visibly fresher, brighter looking smile and that super clean ‘dentist-fresh’ feeling in their mouths. However, unlike cosmetic whitening, the service that is carried out by a dental hygienist isn’t a purely aesthetic process, but something which aims to keep patients’ teeth at optimum health.

What does a professional clean involve?

Anyone who feels they could benefit from having their teeth professionally cleaned ought to seek out the services of a trusted dental hygienist. Undergoing a professional clean is typically a two step process. The initial stage is often referred to as the ‘scrape’ which is when the hygienist uses specialised dental equipment to remove all of the visible marks, stains and discolouration on the surface enamel. After the hygienist has used their equipment to remove all of the excess plaque and tartar – particularly in the more difficult to reach pockets and areas between the patient’s teeth – the second stage in the cleaning process can be carried out. This is commonly referred to as the ‘polish’ stage, and involves the patient’s teeth being professionally polished using specialised dental tools and equipment. After this stage has been carried out the patient’s teeth will both look and feel visibly cleaner and brighter. Anyone who feels they may have neglected their oral health in recent months ought to seek out a professional cleaning service through our trusted dental practice to get their oral health back on track.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.