If you’re in pain, come and see us

Taking care of your teeth is really important. Unlike the bigger local sea life, sharks in particular, we only get one set of teeth and when they’re gone, they’re gone. When your adult teeth come through, you really need to take care of them. If you lose them, you’ll be faced with the hassles and costs that come with tooth restorations.

Emergency Dentist in MackaySo, if you get a bad toothache or damage a tooth in an accident, you really need to call the emergency dentist in Mackay and come and see us as soon as possible. Don’t decide not to come just because the damage is only a small chip. If the damage has gone through the hard enamel to softer dentin below, you are now vulnerable to decay, which you may not even feel until it becomes a bigger problem.

People often think a trip to the emergency dentist in Mackay needs to involve serious pain for it to be a real emergency, but you may feel no pain at all with a small chip. Your experience may consist of finding a wee piece of tooth on your tongue, maybe after chewing on an olive stone or hitting a piece of grit in your breakfast cereal.

Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay will always try to see you on the same day as you call for an emergency appointment. But if we are too busy, we will try to get you an appointment with our sister clinic, Walkerston Dental.

Needless to say, the emergency dentist in Mackay is available for other emergencies as well as chipped teeth. We also want you to contact us if you are in any kind of dental pain, which can so easily become excruciating. Don’t ignore that pain and hope that it will go away. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is very wrong, and you need to get help. If you have something like an abscess, which is an accumulation of pus below a tooth in the gum or the bone, we need to drain it straight away.

So don’t delay, if you’re in dental pain, get in touch today.