How can visiting a dentist improve my health?

There is more and more research discovering the link between oral health and the health of the rest of your body.

Dentist in Mackay

Indeed, it is recommended you find a dentist in Mackay that takes a holistic approach to your wellbeing. By holistic, it means we understand and implement the idea that your whole body is connected. In doing so, we are able to identify issues that may otherwise be missed, as we look at the bigger picture.

Dentists at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay no longer simply work on preventive and restorative dental care. We provide information for our patients regarding their diet and how this can affect their mouth and their body.

During pregnancy, hormones in the body are not at their usual levels and this can cause a number of issues with women’s teeth. If you are pregnant, it is important that you visit your dentist frequently, so that they can monitor any changes and prevent any long term conditions arising as a result of your pregnancy.

Where can I see the signs of poor oral health within my body?

A lot of research has been pointing to the link between poor oral health and poor heart condition. Gum disease has been known to increase blood pressure as well, which can put further stress on the heart. It can also adversely interact with medications for the heart, limiting their usefulness and resulting in a worsened condition.

What can I do to prevent this?

The best approach is to establish a good, and regular, oral health routine. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss and rinse your mouth with mouthwash.

This regime helps to remove the bacteria buildup that not only causes bad breath but also cavity-causing plaque. As plaque builds up it becomes harder to remove and results in tartar, which can normally only be removed with professional dental tools.

By visiting your dentist in Mackay at least twice a year, as well as a hygienist, you will receive guidance on what you can do at home to help yourself avoid any unnecessary complications.

By taking care and looking after your teeth and gums, you not only benefit from having a beautiful smile that you can happily share with the world, but you are also looking after your overall health as well.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.