How can a dentist in Mackay give me a smile makeover?

If you have been dreaming of achieving your ideal smile, your dentist in Mackay can make your dreams become a reality.

Dentist in Mackay

Long gone are the days where dentists were only concerned with restorative dental work (‘drilling and filling’). Modern dentists offer may procedures to assist you to prevent the need for restorative care, as well as plenty of cosmetic procedures that allow you to create a smile that you love.

By discussing your oral health goals with Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we can help you get on the path to meet your aims.  We do this by creating a treatment plan that specifically targets any problematic areas that you have with your smile. It may be as simple as a whitening and cleaning procedure or it may involve techniques such as aligners.  We will provide you with open, honest and transparent solutions that best meet your needs.

We are confident that we have a way to give you the smile that you have always wanted to have. Come and have a chat to us today to see what options we have that are appropriate for you.

What are some of the makeover options available?

There are many procedures available, depending on what you are looking for.

If you have slightly misaligned teeth, or have a gap between your front teeth that you would like to disappear, then there are options available.  Maybe one of your visible teeth is a little crooked or you have a gummy smile that falters your confidence?  If so, we have modern treatments available for you.

Clear aligners have become a very popular option for adults and people who do not want to alter their life due to having to have many months of traditional braces. Clear aligners are able to correct crooked or gappy teeth, usually in about a year. They work by using multiple sets of clear aligners that you change every six weeks or so. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove the aligners during eating and when brushing your teeth.  This helps to minimise the impacts and changes to your lifestyle. You are free to choose when you want to advance onto other aligners as well, giving you the ability to decide how long you want to take in perfecting your smile.

Veneers are another popular choice. They are a thin layer which act like shells placed over your original teeth, creating a picture perfect, white and straight smile. They are common with celebrities and not only make for beautiful teeth, but can also strengthen your original teeth without causing any damage. They can last for several years if cared for properly.

Gum reshaping is an option for those who have a gummy smile. Our dentist in Mackay has many years of experience in this procedure, allowing them to craft a realistic and symmetrical natural look.

By talking to us about any concerns that you have regarding your smile and oral health, we are able to make a plan that suits you and your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to make the best decision for you. All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.