Fed up with snoring or poor quality sleep? How our team at Northern Beaches Dental can help!

It can be hard when, after another night of restless sleep, your bed partner tells you that you kept them awake with your personal impression of a foghorn.


While snoring is exceedingly common, many people are unaware that it is a symptom of an underlying problem. Indeed, many people snore from time to time, usually when ill or after consuming alcohol, but if you are one of the chronic snorers who could rattle window panes every night with your snoring, there is something that can be done to help.

As odd as it may sound, our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay can help with your snoring woes.

Our dentist in Mackay can aim to identify the cause of your snoring and will provide you with treatment options, tailored to your individual needs. No more disturbed sleep, no more being exiled to the spare room or the sofa; our team will help you to get those forty winks!

What are some of the treatments that our dentist in Mackay can provide you with to help you beat snoring? Read on to find out!

Identify the cause

As mentioned before, while many people snore from time to time, if you snore every night, this is indicative of an underlying problem.

Our dentist in Mackay will provide you with a thorough examination of your mouth, to see if they are able to identify the cause. Typically, the most common cause is dietary or linked to lifestyle, so they can suggest targeted changes to these areas.

Sleep apnoea

Another prevalent cause of snoring is sleep apnoea.

If suspected by our team, you may be referred to a sleep laboratory for analysis. Here, you will be fitted with some stylish headgear and asked to sleep there. The team will examine your neurological output during your slumber, to correctly diagnose sleep apnoea and, most importantly, to assess its impact on your sleep; contrary to the old myth, someone who snores is not sleeping well!


If diagnosed with a mild to moderate case of snoring, our team will construct a device for you to wear at night.

This will prevent your lower jaw from falling backward as your jaw muscles relax, which can cause snoring and very disrupted sleep. This guard is similar to ones that are worn by athletes, but is more malleable and is custom-fitted to fit snugly in your mouth and against your teeth. Comfy!

CPAP machine

In instances where there is a serious problem with oxygen in the blood caused by sleep apnoea, our team may decide that a CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) is the best treatment for you.

Visually resembling an anaesthetic face mask, this device applies a constant flow of oxygen to your throat, keeping your airway open as you sleep. It is heralded as the gold standard for the treatment and management of sleep apnoea, and, despite how it sounds, users report that it is comfortable enough to sleep in! Sleep tight!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.