Emergency dental care

In times of tooth pain or gum discomfort, sometimes booking a standard appointment and waiting it out just won’t do. It’s at these times that you need an emergency dental appointment in Mackay that will ease the problem straight away.

Emergency Dental Appointment in MackayHow do you know if it’s an emergency?

Many people can be unsure about whether the dental problem they have is a real emergency or if it can wait for a regular appointment. In fact, a lot of people don’t get an emergency dental appointment or don’t know how to find a dentist that can offer them an emergency dental appointment in Mackay.

Many patients put up with toothache or sore gums until they get a booking with their usual dentist.

Here’s some tips on how to tell if your dental problem is an emergency:

  • Look inside your mouth and try to see if there is a chip and how large or deep it is
  • If you can, feel the crack or chip with your tongue or finger to get an idea of the size of it
  • Is there bleeding and how much is there? This indicates something more serious.

Getting a chipped tooth can be upsetting and distressing. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm and do all you can to reduce the pain until you can go to your emergency dental appointment in Mackay.

What is an emergency will mean different things to different people. If you feel you need an emergency dental appointment, then give us a call.

Get an emergency appointment with dental professionals

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, you can be assured of finding an emergency dental appointment in Mackay with a time that is suited to you.

You can meet one of our dental professionals to assess the problem and get the right treatment.

Seeing a dentist when you need them will help to prevent more complex oral health problems and can reduce the risk of infection.

Then you can carry on with your day, knowing that you have had the right assessment and treatment for your teeth and gums.

For more details about booking an emergency dental appointment in Mackay, contact us today.