Effective and affordable dentistry

Dental care keeps your mouth free from disease and protects your teeth against decay. At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we treat all aspects of your oral health skilfully and tactfully. Our aim is to enhance the condition of your teeth and gums, and help you to maintain a healthy dental future. People come to the dentist in Mackay for many reasons, and there doesn’t have to be anything wrong with your teeth for you to book an appointment with us. Whatever condition your teeth are in, we can examine your mouth and make sure it stays healthy and hygienic.

Careful looks

Dentist in Mackay

Our professional gaze can spot the signs of tooth decay and gum disease well before you’d notice anything’s wrong at home.That’s why regular check-ups at the dentist in Mackay area good idea. We’ll advise you on the best way to look after your teeth so you’re less likely to experience the discomforts of dental erosion.

If you already have something you’d like us to fix, we can work out a treatment plan that leaves you with improved dental function and a better-looking smile. Our range of cosmetic treatments includes many ways of enhancing your dental appearance. We provide long-term adjustments as well as one-off transformations.

Financial care

We aim to remove the financial barriers that might deter you from accessing the improvements you require. Our variety of payment options means you don’t have to wait to visit the dentist in Mackay. We care for your finances while we care for your oral health.

We cater for all ages as a friendly dentist in Mackay. Our team is experienced in helping children to feel at ease when they visit our contemporary dental practice. Adults can relax in our waiting area, too, and our services are delivered efficiently and sensitively.Treatment at the dentist in Mackay will enhance the condition of your teeth. Whether you’re a regular visitor or you’ve not been to the dentist for years, we’ll treat you with respect and courtesy. Together, we’ll come up with appropriate treatment options so you can make a properly informed choice.

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