Don’t let anxiety stop you from seeing your dentist

Fear of visiting the dentist is well documented, with most people experiencing some anxiety over the prospect of receiving treatment at their dentist in Mackay. This may be based on beliefs that the dentist visit is filled with noisy drills and impatient practitioners who don’t respond well to your fears. You may be surprised to hear that thanks to changes in technique and technology you’re likely to experience a more comfortable, relaxed visit. In addition, at Northern Beaches Dental, we understand fear and anxiety, and we will not only be a sympathetic ear, we can also offer you solutions to alleviate your symptoms, here’s how;

Dentist in Mackay

Dental technology, reducing noise and discomfort

Over the years, advances in techniques and technology have changed the landscape of modern dentistry. Firstly, emphasis on preventive dentistry has ensured, if you visit your dentist regularly, you’re less likely to undergo invasive procedures. However, should you need emergency intervention or if you do need a treatment requiring a drill and other equipment, you’d be surprised to hear how much they’ve changed. Drills are smaller, less noisy; allowing greater accuracy and efficiency in treatment. We also provide pain relief, along with conscious sedation if you need it.

Your dentist in Mackay, providing you with ‘happy’ sedation

Sometimes just having a sympathetic ear, helps to calm nerves. Your dentist in Mackay fully understands anxiety and we’ve found that providing accurate treatment information and talking you through procedures can often allay fears. However, we can offer you conscious sedation if you require it due to your anxiety or, if you are having extensive treatment,.

Conscious sedation allows you to feel relaxed but still able to interact with your dentist, so both you and your dentist can communicate throughout procedures. Conscious sedation is provided through a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, also known as Happy Gas. Its administered through a small nasal mask, whilst you recline in you dental chair. The effect is deep relaxation, keeping you calm throughout your procedure.

In some circumstances you may require general anaesthetic for more extensive treatments or multiple procedures. If this is the case, your treatment will be carried out at Mater Hospital under the same caring eye of your dentist.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.

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