Dental care at every age

How did you spend your weekends 20 years ago? How about 10 years ago? Or yesterday? Through the years what gives us joy changes. All night partying just doesn’t hold the same appeal in your 50s as it does in your 20s. But there are some things in life that can keep you in good spirits at every age. Dental care might not be the first of those things to come to mind but imagine living with the discomfort of decaying teeth or sensitive gums.

Dentist in MackayPerhaps now you can start to see how having a good dentist in Mackay to see you through the years is essential for your wellbeing. At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we provide dental care for all ages, so you can get on with enjoying your weekends, however you spend them, with a healthy smile on your face.

The toddler years

Dental check-ups aren’t just for the grown-ups. It essential to bring your child to see us when their teeth come through. Even though their milk teeth will fall out, decay of the milk teeth can spread through to the adult teeth that are waiting underneath them. We’ll keep a close eye on your child’s teeth and gums, treating any signs of disease as soon as we spot them.

Brilliant smiles

Whether you’re on the dating scene or working in a professional environment where appearances count, a stunning smile can go a long way to smoothing your personal and professional interactions. Our dentist in Mackay provides a range of cosmetic dental treatments to enhance your smile, from teeth whitening to gum reshaping.

The golden years

Tooth loss can strike at any age but becomes more common in old age. That doesn’t mean you need to make do with a gappy smile and poor oral function. With a Mackay dentist you can explore the different tooth restoration methods available. We offer traditional dentures and bridges, as well as what is considered the most comprehensive restoration today, dental implants.

Bring along the family

From grandparents to grandkids, we welcome all the family to visit our dentist in Mackay. So get in touch today with our friendly team for your consultation.