Dealing with anxiety about visiting the dentist

Many people have some anxiety over having dental treatment in Mackay, some even avoiding check-ups and treatment because their fear is too great. You don’t need to be scared though. Here at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, we will do all we can to put you at ease prior to and during treatment.

Dental Treatment in MackayAdvances in dental technology mean less discomfort

As with all medicine, advances in techniques and technology are being made all the time. In the case of dentistry, modern equipment and methods mean that patients are likely to experience much less pain and discomfort compared to years gone by. Drills and tools are smaller and quieter, making them less invasive and more tolerable. Pain relief is always a priority, as is making sure you are comfortable and confident when it comes to having dental treatment in Mackay.

Conscious sedation during dental treatment in Mackay

For very nervous patients, or during more in-depth procedures, we offer the option of conscious sedation. This is where you are given a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, sometimes known as happy gas. The gas is delivered through a small mask that fits over the nose. The effect of the sedative gas is that you are still conscious and aware, but you will feel deeply relaxed, calm and peaceful while your teeth are being worked on.

Conscious sedation can be used on both adults and children, and offers a safe way to feel calm and relaxed when receiving dental treatment in Mackay. Our dental staff are specially trained in using the sedative gas, and are always focussed on keeping you safe and comfortable.

General anaesthetic for advanced procedures

Occasionally, it may be necessary to administer a general anaesthetic for a dental treatment in Mackay. Examples of when this may be necessary are for wisdom tooth extractions, extraction of several teeth, and younger children who need multiple procedures. If a general anaesthetic is required, it will be discussed with you in advance and carried out at Mater Hospital in Mackay.

Don’t let anxiety stop you from having treatment

As you can see there are options for you, no matter how serious your anxiety. So, don’t let fear stop you from having healthy teeth.