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How your dentist in Mackay puts you first

As a family-owned practice we like to treat you as part of the family too, putting your needs first by providing you access to the latest in dental technology in our multiagency, superclinic, which also offers late night and weekend appointments. At Northern Beaches Dental, we’d love to invite you to visit us to find […]

Using technology to provide you with a modern service

Advances in technology have brought greater diagnostic ability and accuracy of treatment to all medical fields. In the dental industry, we have seen many new advances from dental materials through to scanning equipment. At Northern Beaches Dental, your dentist in Mackay, we’ve invested in new equipment that offers you access to pinpoint accuracy in scanning […]

Looking after your teeth while pregnant

During pregnancy, hormonal imbalances can make your teeth and gums more prone to disease and infection. Luckily, you can avoid this situation by visiting the dentist for cleanings and check-ups regularly. If you are expecting and you can’t remember when the last time you visited your dentist was, it’s time to book your next appointment. […]

Visiting the dentist in Mackay is more important than you may think

Regular dental visits are really important if you want to avoid dental problems altogether. Unfortunately, not many people visit their dentist annually, let alone bi-annually as recommended. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings can help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Even if you have no symptoms, there is a chance that your teeth and […]

What to expect during a routine dental check-up

You already know that taking care of your teeth at home – even diligently – is not enough. Only your dentist can look for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer and other dental problems that may or may not show symptoms. Moreover, your dentist will remove plaque and other bacteria from hard-to-reach […]

Bad breath – how can my dentist in Mackay help?

It’s quite likely that you have experienced bad breath at some point in your life. Bad breath can be temporary or long-lasting but fortunately there are ways to overcome it. At Northern Beaches Dental, we will look into the underlying causes of your bad breath and we will try to fix them. Our dentist in […]

Is gum disease preventable?

Gum disease is responsible for many oral health problems, including tooth loss. Caused by the accumulation of plaque on the teeth and in between the gum line, gum disease is an oral condition that can be easily prevented – just stick to your planned dental appointments. At Northern Beaches Dental, we are aware that gum […]

Saving time and money by preventing dental problems

Establishing a thorough and comprehensive oral hygiene routine is important for the maintenance of your oral health and wellbeing. Preventive care is a health investment, since it will save you time and money in the long run. At Northern Beaches Dental, we believe that prevention is key to maintaining your oral health and keeping infections […]

Northern Beaches Dental, making your child’s dental care a priority

Tooth decay in children is on the increase, due to the consumption of sugary foods and drinks and irregular visits to the dentist. According to the Royal Children’s Hospital’s national child health poll, 33% of children are brushing incorrectly and are living with tooth decay. Visiting a dentist in Mackay with your child regularly can […]

It’s all about your gums

When you think of the dentist you may automatically think of tooth decay. As your dentist in Mackay, we are here to treat decay and other tooth related issues, however, we also focus on the gums. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss, so it’s about time you focused on your gums with […]

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