Been told you need a root canal? Five reasons to not be worried, by Northern Beaches Dental

There are few dental procedures that are more feared than endodontics, or as they are more commonly known, root canals.

While many dental patients would rather undertake an extraction than a root canal, this can cause an issue with aesthetic considerations; if your damaged or infected tooth is located near the front of your mouth, the solution may not be as simple as just having it removed.


Not to worry; if you need a root canal, our dentist in Mackay can help. Guaranteeing an overall pleasant experience, our team can ensure that you are comfortable about undertaking the root canal procedure and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We perform this treatment every day and can ensure that the results will last.

But what are the benefits of undertaking a root canal with our dentist in Mackay? Let’s explore them below.

Stops discomfort

There are two reasons that you may require a root canal; the first is due to a blunt force impact to your tooth, which might require restoration.

The second, most likely reason, is that you have recently had an infection under your tooth and our dentist in Mackay needs to treat below your gum line to resolve it successfully.

Regardless of the cause, undertaking a root canal will address any discomfort that you are having and, if you have recently had a dental infection, that in itself is enough to warrant the procedure!

Strengthens tooth

There is a myth that root canals weaken the tooth that they are performed on.

This is based on the idea that the root of the tooth is removed, leaving the tooth hollow and easy to damage.

However, both of these statements are false; a root canal removes infected debris from the inside of the tooth and leaves the root intact. Secondly, once our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay is happy that your tooth is free from infected tissue, it will usually be topped with a porcelain crown.

This seals the treatment in place, prevents reinfection and creates a stronger tooth.

Aesthetically pleasing

Briefly mentioned earlier, a root canal is more cosmetically pleasing than a dental extraction.

Performed on the back of the tooth, our team will gently drill down into your tooth, getting access to the root to clear it of any debris. Once finished, the hole is sealed and topped with a porcelain crown; nobody but you and our team will even know you have had a root canal!
Much better than a gap in your teeth.

Prevents spread of infection

Once the infected debris is removed, this prevents the infection in your tooth from spreading.

Untreated, dental infections can quickly spread to surrounding teeth, making them harder to treat and creating a great deal of discomfort. A root canal prevents this, with minimal work

Successful option!

Once completed, your root canal should last a lifetime; designed to prevent reinfection and creating a more sturdy tooth, the majority of dental patients never require any further work to be undertaken.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.