Are you fed up with snoring? Visit our team at Northern Beaches today for help!

It is never a good start to anyone’s day when your bed partner tells you off for snoring in the night.


However, snoring is surprisingly common, impacting on as many as 75% of people at any given time. Of course, certain instances increase the likelihood of you impersonating a foghorn at 1 am, such as colds, alcohol consumption or smoking. Consistent snoring, however, is another issue altogether and is usually a symptom of an underlying issue.

While you may not consider attending a dental practice for your first port of call as a chronic snorer, there are many advantages to approaching dental professionals with this issue.

At Northern Beaches Dental, our dentist in Mackay can help you to stop snoring and identify any underlying issues, allowing for prompt and correct treatment. We will examine you and discuss any health issues and explore every avenue until both you and your bed partner are able to get those much needed forty winks without disruption.

But how can our dentist in Mackay actually stop you from snoring? Read on to find out!


First and foremost, our dentist in Mackay will examine your mouth, jaw and your neck, to assess if there are any physical reasons why you are snoring.

Growths in the mouth or throat can increase the likelihood of snoring, as can excessive skin flaps. Our team will also look for signs of other issues, such as oral cancer, which can also play a part in consistent snoring issues. Don’t worry! Oral cancer check-ups are now commonplace, so don’t panic if our team suggests a screening.

Medical advice

If we are unable to identify a physical cause of your snoring in your mouth, we will explore your medical history and examine any medications that you take.

If you suffer from sleep issues, many barbiturates and benzodiazepines can increase the likelihood of snoring. We do not recommend stopping any medication without attending a medical consultation with your doctor.

In instances where our team suspects obstructive sleep apnoea, we will often refer you to a sleep clinic at a hospital, to assess the impact this condition is having on your sleep. Sleep apnoea is a major contributor to persistent snoring and will require medical treatment to resolve, as left untreated, it may be life-threatening.

Oral device

After your stay at the sleep clinic, the severity of your snoring will have been explored thoroughly via an ECG.

For instances of minor to moderate snoring, our team may provide you with a custom-fitted device, to place in your mouth before you go to sleep.

Physically speaking, this device will prevent your lower jaw from sliding backward as you sleep, and thus will prevent snoring.


For more severe cases, our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay may recommend the use of continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP machine, to help reduce the impact of your sleep apnoea. Fitting over your mouth and nose, this device keeps your airway open as you sleep, using a constant flow of oxygen.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.