An emergency visit to your dentist

Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay will do their best to see you as soon as possible following an emergency. Time is of the essence in dental emergency situations and not only that, we understand that tooth pain can be immensely debilitating.

Dentist in Mackay

This is why you should never hesitate in contacting us following an injury or when you have experienced some kind of trauma. We are able to give you instructions over the phone to assist you with dealing with your situation whilst you make your way in to see us.

Rest assured that if we are busy, we may be able to fit you in to our other practice. It is extremely important to us that you receive the emergency care that you need in order to reduce your discomfort and any long-term effects that your injury may have.

What can I expect from an emergency appointment?

Your dentist in Mackay will get to work immediately on finding out what the issue is and to what extent any damage has been done. This will include a thorough inspection of your mouth both inside and out and it may include the need for some X-rays and scans.

Should you be in any discomfort, then pain relief will be administered for your comfort. The injured area will also be sterilised so that we are able to reduce the risk of infection. Infection can lead to a whole host of complications and this is better to be avoided.

The tooth in question will then be dealt with either temporarily or permanently, depending on the situation. It is not very common for a dentist in Mackay to pull a tooth that is causing a person grief, as it is much more preferable to restore the tooth and keep it. However in severe circumstances it may have to be done and in that case we will discuss your options for replacing it.

If a tooth has been knocked out, the sooner you are seen by us, the greater the likelihood is that we are able to reimplant it. You can also do a range of things to maintain the integrity of the tooth before bringing it in to us to ensure that it is of sound health to be reimplanted.

Such as?

By washing the tooth in milk and not water, you are less likely to cause the cell walls to expand and break. Handle the tooth gently by the crown, not the root, and do not vigorously rub it clean.

Store the tooth in a small jar of milk if you are not able to reinsert it into your own mouth. Be careful not to swallow the tooth as this happens more than you think.

We can help with emergencies ranging from toothache to tooth loss, abscesses and facial swelling to broken crowns and chipped teeth. We take every emergency seriously and provide you with the information and care needed quickly so that you can get on with healing and we can limit any complications that may arise in the future.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.