Been told your child needs braces? Five health advantages to early orthodontic treatment

As a parent, you strive to do your best for your children.

You want them to go to the best schools, get the best education and of course, you want them to get the best health care, so they can grow into happy, healthy adults.


But, most parents are left in a bit of a quandary when they are told that their child needs to have a brace fitted.

While it may seem that having your child fitted with a brace is purely cosmetic, there may be many additional health benefits to your child undertaking this treatment earlier in life.

At Northern Beaches Dental, our orthodontist and dentist in Mackay have helped children obtain a healthier, straighter smile, whilst also improving their health. We have a myriad of experience in orthodontics, and thanks to technology and alternative aligners, we may be able to offer your child a shorter treatment time with braces.

What are the health advantages of saying yes to having your child fitted with braces by our dentist in Mackay? Read on to find out!

Better digestion

It goes without saying that when an individual has a set of perfectly aligned teeth, they are able to chew and grind their food better.

If your child needs a brace to straighten misalignments, then this will gradually improve their chewing technique, allowing for better digestion and a reduction in gastrointestinal issues. Indeed, heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion will all gradually reduce as your child’s teeth straighten, allowing for better digestion and improved nutrition.

Reduces the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay

Straighter teeth are easier to brush and our dentist in Mackay has seen many instances of oral hygiene improving due to the wearing of an orthodontic brace.

Misaligned, crooked or crowded teeth provide decay-causing bacteria with more places to hide and cause havoc in your child’s mouth; having their teeth straightened prevents this and in turn, reduces the formation of both dental decay and periodontal diseases.

Prevents bone erosion

Misaligned teeth can create additional pressure in the jaw as your child chews.

While this may not sound problematic, additional pressure to the bone can, over time, cause erosion and wearing down of the jaw. This also results in creating a lack of stimulation in other areas in the mouth, preventing adult teeth from erupting.

Straighter teeth equate to more equal pressure and stimulation, meaning a healthier jaw and symmetrical teeth.

Reduces prevalent headaches or migraines

There is evidence linking misaligned teeth to both headaches and migraines, due to bruxism and nocturnal grinding.

Braces reduce both night time grinding and bruxism, reducing tension in the muscles that can lead to these degenerative problems.

Prevents facial injuries

Ever bitten the inside of your cheek?

Misaligned teeth are more prone to biting cheeks, lips, and tongues and so having a brace applied to your child’s teeth will prevent any facial or oral injuries from occurring. Need any more reasons to have a brace fitted? Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay is happy to oblige!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Are you fed up with snoring? Visit our team at Northern Beaches today for help!

It is never a good start to anyone’s day when your bed partner tells you off for snoring in the night.


However, snoring is surprisingly common, impacting on as many as 75% of people at any given time. Of course, certain instances increase the likelihood of you impersonating a foghorn at 1 am, such as colds, alcohol consumption or smoking. Consistent snoring, however, is another issue altogether and is usually a symptom of an underlying issue.

While you may not consider attending a dental practice for your first port of call as a chronic snorer, there are many advantages to approaching dental professionals with this issue.

At Northern Beaches Dental, our dentist in Mackay can help you to stop snoring and identify any underlying issues, allowing for prompt and correct treatment. We will examine you and discuss any health issues and explore every avenue until both you and your bed partner are able to get those much needed forty winks without disruption.

But how can our dentist in Mackay actually stop you from snoring? Read on to find out!


First and foremost, our dentist in Mackay will examine your mouth, jaw and your neck, to assess if there are any physical reasons why you are snoring.

Growths in the mouth or throat can increase the likelihood of snoring, as can excessive skin flaps. Our team will also look for signs of other issues, such as oral cancer, which can also play a part in consistent snoring issues. Don’t worry! Oral cancer check-ups are now commonplace, so don’t panic if our team suggests a screening.

Medical advice

If we are unable to identify a physical cause of your snoring in your mouth, we will explore your medical history and examine any medications that you take.

If you suffer from sleep issues, many barbiturates and benzodiazepines can increase the likelihood of snoring. We do not recommend stopping any medication without attending a medical consultation with your doctor.

In instances where our team suspects obstructive sleep apnoea, we will often refer you to a sleep clinic at a hospital, to assess the impact this condition is having on your sleep. Sleep apnoea is a major contributor to persistent snoring and will require medical treatment to resolve, as left untreated, it may be life-threatening.

Oral device

After your stay at the sleep clinic, the severity of your snoring will have been explored thoroughly via an ECG.

For instances of minor to moderate snoring, our team may provide you with a custom-fitted device, to place in your mouth before you go to sleep.

Physically speaking, this device will prevent your lower jaw from sliding backward as you sleep, and thus will prevent snoring.


For more severe cases, our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay may recommend the use of continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP machine, to help reduce the impact of your sleep apnoea. Fitting over your mouth and nose, this device keeps your airway open as you sleep, using a constant flow of oxygen.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Worried about your dental extraction? A step by step guide to the process from Northern Beaches Dental

It is rarely a fun day at your dental surgery when, in the middle of a check-up, you are told you need to have a tooth extracted.


Commonly performed on severely decayed teeth, or those that have been broken beyond repair through impact, dental extractions are relatively straightforward procedures. Typically conducted in a separate consultation to the check-up, extractions may seem intimidating, but do ultimately improve your oral health. But, like most things in life, the more you know about the procedure, the easier it will be to get through it without issue!

While our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay will try to preserve every tooth in your mouth, if you need an extraction, our dentist in Mackay will make it as stress-free and uneventful as possible. Our team performs extractions every day and, while there may be a bit of pressure during your extraction, it will be a painless and simple procedure to experience.

What can you expect when our dentist in Mackay extracts one of your teeth? Read on to learn more about the basic procedure.


Before our dentist in Mackay even attempts to remove anything, they will first administer a numbing injection to the tooth.

This injection may feel cold as it is applied, but don’t worry, that is completely normal and the numbing effects should become apparent in around 3 minutes. Depending on the location, our team may inject the tooth and the surrounding area a few times.


Depending on whether the tooth you are having extracted is either visible or below the gum line, your extraction may be simple or a bit more surgical. Either way, our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay is well prepared and will make it as straightforward and prompt as possible.


During a simple extraction, our team will numb your tooth and use a device known as an elevator to loosen your tooth and remove it. This is typical when you need a tooth removed for a brace fitting or have a tooth that has decayed after a crown has fallen off.


If your tooth has decayed below the gum line or your gum has grown over it, our team will need a few more tools to remove it successfully.

We may use local and intravenous anaesthetic, to ensure that you will not feel anything and will typically begin the extraction with some incisions into the gum. During a surgical extraction, we may need to remove some areas of gum in your mouth while using a device resembling a corkscrew to pull the root of the tooth out. This extraction will usually be followed with dissolvable stitches and the whole procedure will have gone smoothly!


Most extractions do not require any extensive aftercare, but for 24 hours post-extraction, avoid eating hard foods, hot or cold beverages and take painkillers if you need to, such as paracetamol.

If you are concerned about the level of discomfort you are in a few days after the extraction, come and see our team for a check-up.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Are you a bit puzzled about preventive dentistry? Your top 5 FAQs answered by Northern Beaches Dental

In almost every area of health, prevention is better than cure. In dentistry, the importance of this  rule is no different.


While many people assume that preventive dentistry simply involves brushing their teeth twice a day and having an occasional floss, this is not the case. The area of preventive dentistry is large and obviously varies depending on your age, level of oral health and, of course, will be influenced by your diet and lifestyle too.

But are there some bits of preventive dentistry that you don’t understand? For instance, what is so important about a scale and polish? Do fluoride sealants actually prevent decay?

At Northern Beaches Dental, we are extremely proud of our preventive dentistry team. Our dentist in Mackay is well equipped to help you keep your oral health in top shape and to stop issues from forming as early as possible. So, if you can’t remember the last time you had a scale and polish, or can’t recall your last trip to the hygienist, call our team today!

But what are some of the most common FAQs that our dentist in Mackay is asked about preventive dentistry? Read on to find out.

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is a service provided by our hygienist, but in some cases our dentist in Mackay may be able to perform them too.

Simply put, a scale and polish is a treatment that removes stubborn and excess plaque both above and below the gum line, to stop the formation of cavities and gum disease. Our team will take time to exfoliate the plaque from your teeth and will then clean or polish your teeth to improve the overall appearance.

Why should I visit my hygienist twice a year for a deep clean?

There are many advantages to visiting a hygienist twice a year, but in relation to a deep clean this is important to keep the risk of plaque formation down, which can obviously lead to a lot of secondary issues.

Do fluoride sealants stop decay from forming?

If detected early enough, an application of fluoride to a weakened area of the tooth can indeed prevent the formation of a cavity.

In fact our team, at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, routinely use fluoride sealants to stop decay with our younger patients, to prevent the need for fillings.

When should I bring my child in for their first check-up?

The general rule is that as soon as your baby has had their first tooth erupt, it is time to bring them in to see us.

Not so much to check their teeth, but to get them used to the environment, the sounds and the smells of the dental surgery early in life, so they do not become fearful as they grow up.

How can I keep my teeth in good shape at home?

Ensure that you brush, floss and attend dental check-ups twice a year.

Avoid excess sugar, alcohol or smoking and your teeth will stay in top shape for many years to come!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Want to correct that misalignment as an adult? Your top FAQs about Invisalign braces answered

In the adult world, a lot of daily life depends on appearance.


Indeed, people who appear better groomed are often taken more seriously than others and individuals who have straighter teeth are deemed more trustworthy and competent than those with slightly misaligned smiles.

Hardly fair if you are one of the 75% of adults whose teeth are not perfectly aligned! After all, there are many reasons why your teeth may not be well aligned; why should that impact on your professional life? Also, who would want to get their teeth straightened as an adult with a metal brace?

Luckily, there is a way that you are now able to straighten your teeth as an adult, without impinging on your professional appearance; the Invisalign aligner.

At Northern Beaches Dental, our dentist in Mackay is proud to offer eligible patients treatment using the Invisalign brace, helping you get that straighter smile you deserve in as little time as possible! With fewer check-ups required and simple to care for trays, Invisalign braces are the simplest and most lifestyle-friendly adult aligner available!

Have some questions? Our dentist in Mackay answers the top five most commonly asked questions about the Invisalign aligner below.

Do Invisalign braces hurt?

In a word, no.

While our dentist in Mackay cannot speak for everyone, if your braces are correctly fitted to your teeth, there should be minimal discomfort while undertaking treatment with Invisalign braces.

Once you put your first retainer in, you may notice a tight sensation; this is normal, but if you are worried about the level of discomfort you experience with the braces in, talk to our team.

Is anyone suitable for Invisalign?

Unfortunately, no.

No brace is suited for everyone and Invisalign cannot correct more complex cases of misalignments. However, it can help in the majority of misalignments, so come in and see our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay to assess your suitability.

I read that this brace impacts on speech – is this true?

Having anything new in your mouth will require some adjustment, but once you have got used to wearing the Invisalign aligner, it should have no negative impact on your speech.

In fact, having misaligned teeth is more likely to affect your speech patterns than these braces, so over the course of the treatment, it is highly likely that your voice will sound different.

How long will I need to wear them for?

The overall treatment time is decided on a case by case basis and our dental team will be able to give you an accurate prediction during your consultation.

Each day, however, it is recommended that you wear the Invisalign brace for up to 22 hours to gain the most benefit.

Can Invisalign close gaps or correct my overbite?

Yes and yes!

But, as previously stated, this will depend on the severity of the overbite or the gaps and so, if they are extreme, you may be more suited to treatment with traditional orthodontic aligners.

Curious to know if Invisalign is for you? Call our team today!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Worried you have a dental infection? Five ways to accurately spot one by Northern Beaches Dental

It happens to the best of us; we wake up at one in the morning with a sore throat, a cough, and a raging temperature and we know we have some kind of upper respiratory infection. Time to crawl back into bed with a warm lemon drink.


While many people are able to identify a respiratory infection by symptoms or can examine a wound to see if it is infected, few people are able to tell with accuracy if they have a dental infection. Similar to upper respiratory infections, dental infections are very common, however, they require urgent care from an emergency dental team; they won’t get better with some warm lemon and paracetamol!

At Northern Beaches Dental, our team is proud of our emergency dentist in Mackay. With same-day appointments set aside to treat dental emergencies, we will ensure that any patient who comes in with a dental complaint is treated sympathetically and is sent home feeling better.

But, do you know all the signs of a dental infection? Do you know when it is time to see our emergency dentist in Mackay?


If you have ever had the misfortune to suffer from a dental infection before, you will know that the word discomfort is far from an adequate description.

However, if you do notice a throbbing or burning sensation under one of your teeth, it is time to book an appointment to see our emergency dentist in Mackay. Such sensations indicate that the nerve or pulp of the tooth is inflamed, indicative of an infection.


We’ve all seen what facial swelling looks like and even if you are in no discomfort, as soon as you notice swelling in either of your jaws, under your chin or on your face, come and see us as soon as you can.


If you are familiar with dental sensitivity in relation to hot or cold beverages, you will know how this feels.

But, if you notice a sudden onset of sensitivity under one of your teeth, accompanied by a throbbing pain afterward, it is likely that a dental infection is forming. Dental infections caused by damage to the tooth, such as decay, often result in sensitivity, as the tooth has deteriorated and the nerve is now exposed to the air, hence the discomfort. If you have sharp pain every time you sip your tea, followed by an ache under your tooth, call our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay immediately.


Toothache accompanied by a fever is a sure indicator of an oral infection.

If you are unlucky enough to experience these symptoms, please call our team for a same-day appointment. Once an infection has reached this stage, you will need urgent medical treatment to control the infection.


Same as the fever, nausea, vomiting, loose movements accompanied by a toothache are all signs of a more serious abscess, which will require urgent care from our team. Even at this advanced stage, our team will have you out, back at home, feeling better in no time!

Disclaimer All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Experiencing sudden dental pain? Signs of a dental emergency

We all know what constitutes a medical emergency; if we see someone being injured in public, we call for help.


Indeed, almost all workplaces and schools teach their employees first aid skills, in order to act quickly if an accident or emergency occurs in the workplace.

But, what exactly are the signs of a dental emergency?

While many of us don’t want to think about this eventuality, dental emergencies are very common and, if not diagnosed promptly, can lead to further complications.

Our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay is trained in how to help you during a dental emergency and will usually aim to provide you with a same-day appointment. Our dentist in Mackay will take extra care when assessing your mouth, to ensure that when you leave our surgery, you will be able to get on with your day. Perfect!

But, how do you know if that toothache is going to become a bit more problematic? Our dentist in Mackay has the answer!

Swollen jaw

The traditional image of a person with a swollen face being linked to a dental issue is not a coincidence.

In fact, our dentist in Mackay treats people with some degree of swelling every day and can state with certainty, that this is a sign that you need a same-day dental appointment. A swollen jaw can be indicative of an infection, an impacted wisdom tooth or even oral cancer, so it is imperative that the moment you notice the swelling, you contact our team.


OK, so it goes without saying that a dental emergency is probably going to be uncomfortable.

But, as you know your body better than anyone, you will know your individual pain threshold and may be able to withstand a higher level of discomfort than other people.

However, a pulsating, burning, stabbing or sharp pain under a tooth is an indicator that there is an issue. Combined with swelling and discolouration of the gums, this could point to an infection that will require urgent treatment.


Imagine that yesterday, you were dealing with dental pain throughout most of the day. Today, you have woken up and the area feels numb. Is this a good thing? Unlikely.

While nobody wants a persistent toothache, if the tooth that was giving you grief yesterday suddenly goes numb, it is likely that an infection has reached the nerve of the tooth. This will usually require urgent treatment with a root canal.

Persistent earache

Earaches are far from fun but, if you have a persistent earache after so many numbing ear drops and painkillers, it is time to see one of our emergency team.

Referred pain from an impacted tooth can cause earache, as can discomfort from an infection, so if the earache won’t let up, you may have a dental issue.


If you have a fever, a numb or painful tooth, and swelling, you need urgent dental treatment.

Such comorbid symptoms usually indicate a severe infection, so book that emergency appointment now, as relief can be quickly delivered by our team.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Need a way to whiten your teeth quickly? 5 reasons to choose dental veneers with Northern Beaches

Do you want whiter teeth in a short time? Are your teeth a bit sensitive and not suited to the bleaching or whitening that many dental surgeries offer?

This situation can feel like a catch 22 for many dental patients. They have tried almost every whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to no avail, but their teeth will not tolerate the more powerful whitening solutions that are offered by dental professionals.


Luckily, there is a way to whiten your teeth quickly without using at-home or in-surgery whitening kits; the answer for you could be dental veneers!

Our dentist in Mackay may suggest veneers as an option to help you get that whiter smile quicker or even to disguise minor gaps in your teeth. Versatile and hardy, these porcelain coatings are perfect for disguising stains and can even help strengthen your teeth too!

But, aside from all of this, what are the other benefits of having porcelain veneers fitted by our dentist in Mackay? Read on to find out!


So, while you may be worried that having a set of veneers fitted will create a more porous surface in your mouth which will accumulate stains, this is not the case.

Dental veneers are designed to be stain proof, so once they are fitted by our dentist in Mackay, it is practically impossible to cause any stains or discolouring to them.

Another benefit of veneers? If you want to have your natural teeth whitened, your veneers can be whitened too, so you will not be left with colour mismatched teeth in your mouth. Perfect!

Natural appearance

If you want to go for the full out Hollywood white smile with veneers, then that’s great!

But, if you want a more natural appearance to your newly found smile, our team can help with that too. The veneers we use at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay can be colour, shape, and size-matched to your natural teeth, so when they are fitted, you are left with a natural-looking smile.

Corrects sensitivity

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons many people opt for veneers as an alternative to whitening is due to sensitivity.

However, once fitted, veneers can actually correct dental sensitivities! As they cover the microscopic holes in your teeth that are causing those uncomfortable sensations linked to temperature, after they are attached to your teeth, these issues can, and often do disappear completely.

So now you can book that whitening session without worry!

Whitens teeth multiple shades

If you have an approaching wedding to attend, when your teeth are slightly yellowed or discoloured, you may need to book multiple whitening sessions to get that whiter smile you want.

But, with veneers, just tell our team the shade you want and in an instant, you can have a set of teeth that have been whitened by up to 16 shades! Talk about fast results!

Long lifespan!

Another benefit of porcelain veneers is their longevity.

If properly maintained with good oral hygiene, lifestyle choices and dental check-ups, veneers can last over 20 years! That is something we can all smile about!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Looking for a new dentist in Mackay? 5 reasons to join Northern Beaches Dental today!

Whether you are new to the area or are fed up with your current dental practice, Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay can help you to keep your dental health in top condition.

If you are a single person or have a family, our practice can provide every dental service you will ever need under one roof; our team of dedicated staff will ensure that you are comfortable in the dental chair and will be happy to answer any questions you have. It’s our job!


When you are looking for a high-quality dentist in Mackay, Northern Beaches is the surgery for you. Aside from our dedicated staff and family-friendly atmosphere, we can provide you with a wide array of services, general and cosmetic, so you and your family can relax in the knowledge that you are being cared for by an experienced dental team.

But what are the other benefits of choosing Northern Beaches Dental as your new dentist in Mackay? Read on to find out!

Superior technology

Our top-notch technology allows us to provide you with a faster and more efficient service.

Designed to help in every area from diagnostics to treatment, our facilities at Northern Beaches Dental include a digital scanner, a cavity detector, CT-guided dental implant placement, surgical microscopes and even digital X-rays that emit lower levels of radiation.

All of our devices provide our team with high-resolution images, allowing us to carry out detailed and sophisticated treatments, with painless and faster solutions.

Convenient location

Our surgery is located in the Mackay GP Super Clinic, which means you can see our dentist in Mackay and attend a medical practice straight afterwards; allowing you to have all of your medical needs catered to in one location. Brilliant!

Nervous patients

Are you scared of attending dental check-ups?

At Northern Beaches, your comfort is our top priority! So, if you are nervous about having an oral examination, we can provide you with an overhead television to watch, while our team carries out treatments; you can even bring in your favourite DVD to watch if you like!

If it is the sounds of the surgery that put you on edge, you are more than welcome to bring along your phone or another device to listen to music or even an audiobook. Why not listen to a relaxation exercise?

Emergency dentistry

Nobody wants to think about having a dental emergency, but if you wake up with a throbbing tooth in the middle of the night, you will be happy that you chose Northern Beaches as your dental clinic.

Allowing for same-day appointments, our surgery has an emergency team, who will aim to resolve any discomfort that you are in as soon as possible. Conducting a careful inspection of your mouth, we will diagnose and treat that sore tooth promptly. Now that’s a relief!

Flexible payments

Want cosmetic dental treatment but are worried about the cost?

We are proud to offer treatment plans and flexible financing options, to help you spread the cost of your new smile.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

Been told you need a root canal? Five reasons to not be worried, by Northern Beaches Dental

There are few dental procedures that are more feared than endodontics, or as they are more commonly known, root canals.

While many dental patients would rather undertake an extraction than a root canal, this can cause an issue with aesthetic considerations; if your damaged or infected tooth is located near the front of your mouth, the solution may not be as simple as just having it removed.


Not to worry; if you need a root canal, our dentist in Mackay can help. Guaranteeing an overall pleasant experience, our team can ensure that you are comfortable about undertaking the root canal procedure and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We perform this treatment every day and can ensure that the results will last.

But what are the benefits of undertaking a root canal with our dentist in Mackay? Let’s explore them below.

Stops discomfort

There are two reasons that you may require a root canal; the first is due to a blunt force impact to your tooth, which might require restoration.

The second, most likely reason, is that you have recently had an infection under your tooth and our dentist in Mackay needs to treat below your gum line to resolve it successfully.

Regardless of the cause, undertaking a root canal will address any discomfort that you are having and, if you have recently had a dental infection, that in itself is enough to warrant the procedure!

Strengthens tooth

There is a myth that root canals weaken the tooth that they are performed on.

This is based on the idea that the root of the tooth is removed, leaving the tooth hollow and easy to damage.

However, both of these statements are false; a root canal removes infected debris from the inside of the tooth and leaves the root intact. Secondly, once our team at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay is happy that your tooth is free from infected tissue, it will usually be topped with a porcelain crown.

This seals the treatment in place, prevents reinfection and creates a stronger tooth.

Aesthetically pleasing

Briefly mentioned earlier, a root canal is more cosmetically pleasing than a dental extraction.

Performed on the back of the tooth, our team will gently drill down into your tooth, getting access to the root to clear it of any debris. Once finished, the hole is sealed and topped with a porcelain crown; nobody but you and our team will even know you have had a root canal!
Much better than a gap in your teeth.

Prevents spread of infection

Once the infected debris is removed, this prevents the infection in your tooth from spreading.

Untreated, dental infections can quickly spread to surrounding teeth, making them harder to treat and creating a great deal of discomfort. A root canal prevents this, with minimal work

Successful option!

Once completed, your root canal should last a lifetime; designed to prevent reinfection and creating a more sturdy tooth, the majority of dental patients never require any further work to be undertaken.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

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